Repugnant Means Incompatible Asshole

If you look up the word asshole in the dictionary it means an incompatible or repugnant person.  Jeffrey Cowan is incompatible with the accepted community standards of decency. Jeff Cowan is a repugnant character with no class.  He is preoccupied with his internal experience and not present for consensus reality.  Cowan is a garden variety psychopath infecting himself upon decent people.  Jeffrey Robert Cowan is on medically prescribed psychiatric medication for schizophrenia and sometimes he forgets to take his medication.

Theater-Hopping Cheap Skate

Jeff is so cheap he pays for a bargain matinee at noon and then stays in the theater watching free movies until dinner time. Have you ever been disturbed by a rude slob drooling in a Hawaiian shirt? Were you interrupted by Jeff Cowan’s theater-hopping as he opened the door and spoiled the vibe during the last ten minutes of your movie?  Jeff Cowan delights in pissing people off. That is exactly what Jeff says all day: “I only wore disgusting American flag swim trunks to piss off the Italian tourists.” Cowan is a perpetrator of veteran fraud and a community nuisance that needs to be cleaned-up to make the world a better place.

Nuisance Phone Calls

Do you receive anonymous nuisance phone calls? Jeff Cowan, Danny Welchhance and Steve De La Cruz make four or five calls to me a day.  Last week they pretended to be agents from the Social Security Administration calling about my retirement benefits.  Someone needs to drive over to 29613 Calle Tampico and pay and take out their personal anger on Jeff for me.  Just imagine someone who has wronged you in the past.  Then go take it out on Jeff Cowan in Cat City.  Jeff is driving around looking for people to piss off.  Help Jeff out and go to him.


Jeff wrote in his memoirs about the delight he took in wearing an outlandish lavender shirt to his sister-in-law’s Jewish funeral service.  Jeff wanted to piss off his brother Alan Goldhammer.  Jeff changed his name from Jeff Goldhammer to Jeff Cowan to piss off his mommy and daddy.  If you look back far enough into his history Jeff Cowan did something to piss you off so go and pay him a nice little visit for the both of us won’t you?  Just put on a lavender shirt and tell Jeff you want to talk about all the people he pissed-off in his memoirs.  On April 19, 2019 I even wrote an entire post about the Ghost of Lori Goldhammer.  This post about the repugnant Jeff Cowan is written for Debbie Goldhammer to prevent Jeff from wearing a purple shirt at her funeral.  If you ever see Cowan driving around in his personaized vanity license plates tell him that the guest of honor has used the medium of these blogs as payback for inappropriately wearing a lavender shirt to Lori Goldhammer’s funeral.

A Complaint From The Guest of Honor as Discussed in THE MEMOIRS OF JEFFREY COWAN:

repugnant cowan quote

Kicked Out of Karaoke

Jeff Cowan has been permanently 86’d from Digs in Palm Springs.  Jeff has been kicked out of several other Karaoke bars in the desert because he does not tip.  Jeff only goes out to infect himself on the world.

Clean-Up Cathedral City

What becomes an asshole most?  Repugnant characters with poor personal hygiene who take joy in offending innocent bystanders.  What if Jeff Cowan was the only homosexual you ever met in your life?