How will you mold your inner mind map during the neuroplasticity of youth?

Your life is a gift from God. Youth is brief and should be taken advantage of. You can become who ever you want in life. Within reason. You have to want what is reasonable for your particular life. Have you ever wanted to completely reinvent yourself? Of course you have. Reinvention is as American as immigration. Part of the attraction of a “gay” alternative sexuality is the privilege of completely reinventing yourself sexually and all of the lifestyle explosions that something so radical brings. Restructuring inner landscapes of the sexual mind is easy with all that testosterone molding the plasticity of the young “gay” lifestyle. Indian Holy Men are known to sublimate this sexual life force into achieving oneness with the universe. I learned the technique of sexual sublimation from Napoleon Hill in his life altering little book, Think and Grow Rich.

CHASTE BY CHOICE: Have you ever heard of restructuring inner mind maps in the opposite of gay energy?

What if heterosexual men became as sexually energized as gay men are or beyond. Energized into chaste conduct by choice. What if even heterosexual success was transcended and the patient cleared his sexual neurosis completely. He no longer needs or requires sexual gratification of any type whatsoever. What if there were no longer any trauma to act out by being gay? This is my story of pain and redemption. This post is dedicated to Marcus Dalton and the art of creating gay subculture.

Restructuring inner map, The Body Keeps the Score, (2014) Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.:

How can we help people become viscerally acquainted with feelings that were lacking early in their lives? There is a way to transform their postures and gestures, radiating vitality and engagement–the sort of physical repciprocity that is the essence of attunement. Restructuring inner mindfulness: Rewriting crucial scenes in the movie of your life to give yourself the skills you never received as a young child.

Group role playing is one way to achieve critical mass.

The safety of the group allows you to notice things that you are most ashamed of. When you no longer have to hide, the structure allows you to place the shame where it belongs–on the figures right in front of you who represent those who hurt you and made you feel helpless as a child.

Physically reexperiencing the past in the present and then reworking it in a safe and supportive “container” can be powerful enough to create new, supplemental memories: simulated experiences of growing up in an attuned, affectionate setting where you are protected from harm. Structures do not erase bad memories, or even neutralize them the way EMDR does. Instead, a structure offers fresh options–an alternative memory in which your basic human needs are met and your longings for love and protection are fulfilled.

Revising the Past: Group Therapy

The place holders in group therapy representing the significant people in the protagonist’s past almost immediately assume a virtual reality.

The place holders in group therapy representing the significant people in the protagonist’s past almost immediately assume a virtual reality.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean over educated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.