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How Perfect Sex Made Me Celibate

Happiness is Never Enough

If you want to get over on people, have a hot sexy body.  Work out and take care of yourself.  When you meet people in person you will be able to get them to do whatever you want.  I have been running around making gay total tops love me and now that I have gotten what I wanted it still isn’t enough.  Happiness is never enough.   I demand more and so I am returning to a chaste pansexual lifestyle once again. I am in love with everything all the time, I don’t need gross sexual intercourse.  I demand to experience the same consciousness as God as my cosmic birthright because I and the Father are oneReceiving perfect gay anal sex from a tall man is never enough.  

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The Still Small Voice Within

Wise is he who keeps his own counsel because the really important messages come from the small still voice within.  Intuition is the mother of inspiration and it comes through meditation.  The golden road of blissful solitude is a luxury.  Now that I am alone in a my own single apartment again my privacy affords me everything that I need in life.  I always knew that my life would end up in solitary prayer and contemplation and now here it is.

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Returning To A Chaste Lifestyle

After three weeks on the sexually active gay scene in LA I have returned a chaste lifestyle.  The only way to get what I really want in life must be accomplished alone.  The true power of the universe comes from within.  I lived a chaste lifestyle in Palm Springs before I came back to LA.  I tried to break into the Kundalini community at Yoga West but I failed brilliantly.  Divine Intervention has perfectly eliminated the Kundalini ego system from my resume.  Now all I have to show are the hundreds of blogs I have written about Kundalini yoga and creating religious belief systems. 

Chaste Energy

Now I am transmuting all of my sexual energy into writing about my life in Southern California.  The future is wide open. If there are ways to make money blogging, I hope to find it.  If one person finds this blog helpful, then it is worth it.  And I would also like to get paid.  

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.