Anyone Can Uncover Deception By Using Open Source Research & Investigation

INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE FRAUD By Darkfire Lighting Design, Northridge, CA.

Detecting fraud using free public websites is called “open source” investigation & discovery. With hard work and ingenuity it is possible for anyone, even beginners, to uncover many different types of deception that are hiding right out in the open. Several years ago this website discovered government corruption in that “respected architect” Palm Springs City Councilman J.R. Roberts was not and has never been a licensed architect with the California Board of Architects or any type of architect whatsoever. The purpose of this blog is to provide a lesson in detecting Darkfire Lighting Design fraud upon the Hollywood entertainment industry and work-related disability insurance. Have you ever seen “The Voice” or “Shark Tank”? I never have, I would never watch that lame shit.

First, without looking at my yellow annotations on Figure 2, try to find the deception on your own by examining Figure 1, excerpted from “The Team” page on the Darkfire Lighting Design website.

Figure 1

Can you discover the inconsistencies?

What inconsistencies, anomalies, aberrations or omissions can you detect on your own? After you try it on your own, then look at the IMDB CREDITS LINK omissions which I have labeled with my own yellow highlights on an excerpt from near the bottom of The Team page.

Figure 2

The Darkfire Lighting Design team intentionally omits IMDB links to Justin McAdams because Justin has two separate IMDB pages to disguise his disability claim

Both Justin McAdams and Todd Warn actually have IMDB Credits however they do not list them. This is because they both have not been working for years and years while they are collecting, and probably still collecting fraudulent work related disability insurance claims.

Justin McAdams’ first IMDB page has his real credits up until Justin went out on work related psychological disability insurance from 2014 to the present. To cover up the fact that Mr. McAdams is still collecting work related injury insurance, he has caused a second IMDB page with the electrician work that he has performed this year. The only difference is that the second page lists his name as Justin Mcadams instead of Justin McAdams. The reason that Todd Warn’s listing on The Team does not contain his IMDB link is because Mr. Warn is also fraudulently collecting disability while he is actually working.

If the Big Kahuna links to his IMDB CREDITS . . .
Then why doesn’t the little piranha link to his IMDB CREDITS?
Justin L. McAdams is the dictionary definition a bastard because he has no father

You will notice that Justin McAdams bio states that he was born in Houston and grew up in Tujunga, California. What his bio does not state is that he was born a bastard without a dad or decent mom and that my family generously took him in as an infant. We paid his airfare to come to L.A. from Houston and even gave him food and shelter until he as middle-aged. The only place Justin lived until he was thirty-five years old was at my dad’s former home in Tujunga. When my dad died Justin threatened me with violence if I tried to live there and assist in administering the decedent’s estate. Justin threatened that if I moved into my dad’s house he would, “Have ten of his friends make my life miserable.” Emotionally stunted Justin always made my life miserable the whole time he lived with my parents. While Justin and his Armenian girlfriend were living at my dad’s rent free, not bothering to pay the mortgage, I was living in my van, suffering from shingles and having a heart attack in a Philadelphia blizzard. Justin stole my inheritance and threw it all away. The little motherfucker didn’t even pay the mortgage while he was living there. Who the hell ever heard of a Caucasian letting an Armenian gold-digger live for free off of his parents?

THE VOICE & SHARK TANK: Darkfire Lighting Design Reviews & Complaints

If I were a legitimate Hollywood entertainment company, I would be skeptical of contracting with Darkfire to work on my production. What if Justin and Todd are committing heinous State Disability Insurance fraud and it came back to haunt you? Perhaps they are paying their gaffers and electricians under the table while said grunt workers are simultaneously collecting unemployment insurance. Even if the State of California EDD did not penalize your account, think of the grossly bad karma that could come back to haunt you. Employers need to be hypervigilant and super-critical of who they sub-contract with these days. The public is very sensitive to wrongdoing in the movie and television industry after the Harvey Weinstein fiasco. Would you be willing to suffer from bad publicity or legal action as a result of having a double-dipping employee collecting government benefits while he is on your payroll? Would a major distributor want to have this type of blemish clogging-up their programming pipeline? At the very least, Darkfire should accurately represent their employees Internet Movie Database credits. So if you are ever on the lot in Culver or Universal City and you see Justin McAdams, please ask him to get honest with the production business and add his IMDB link to the Darkfire Lighting Design website. Thank you.

Dear Justin: This reviewer will testify that you are the emblem of Darkfire Lighting Design fraud. What goes around comes around!

So the last will be first, and the first will be last” Matthew 20:16

Smile – You’re on “The Voice” inside the “Shark Tank” of!