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 Yoga West Review 

Guru Singh and Yogi Bhajan changed the name of the most basic yoga asana from down dog to triangle.  Then they changed the sacred Om into a nine-syllable Sikh Chant.  Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan tried to shove Sikh religion down my throat and now one-year later I am finally puking the final remnants out in this review.  So please sit back and allow me to blow a few chunks of wisdom your way.  Yoga is not just about yoga at Yoga West LA.  As Hillary Clinton reminds us this morning, the time for civility is over.  The word Sikh is pronounced “sick” and not “seek”  You may have heard turban wearing Sikhs intentionally mispronounce the word Sikh as “seek”.  Do not be misled.  Do not be led astray.  When Guru Singh tries to tell you that he is not a white male, ask yourself a question, how much more of this bullshit are you going to take laying down on your yoga mat?  

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Walking down Wilshire Boulevard observing all the fearful women created by the teachings of Guru Singh has inspired me to write a review of the misinformation currently being sold as yoga in Beverly Hills.  If you want astrology go to a professionally licensed and insured astrologer.  Don’t settle for Yogi Bhajan’s half-baked theory that in the coming Age of Aquarius there will be no more patriarchy and matriarchy will be the dominant socio-political-sexual system.  The so-called Age of Aquarius doesn’t happen for a few hundred years anyway so why is it being sold as yoga in 2018?  Yoga is supposed to keep you centered in the here and now, not create loneliness & anxiety about the sexual-politics of the distant future. 

Do you really need to pay money for rich old white con man Guru Singh to sell you that the name of the Down Dog yoga asana is Triangle Pose?  You can burn your money but you will never get your time back.  Life goes by so fast it is sad and beautiful.  There is no time to waste.  Yoga is supposed to keep you centered, not rotating like a lunar cycle learning new names for old yoga asanas.  Most of the time Yoga West seems like a Beverly Hills Women’s Club.  No men allowed, except for tall good-looking movie stars 90210. 

Yoga should be about yoga, not projecting feminine therapeutic needs upon some hapless guy who just happens to pay money to take the same yoga class.  Yoga girls should know that sometimes they seem really creepy when they bring their flip-floppy Sikh religion into the yoga studio.  Some sexy Sikh bitches wear make up and some do not.  Sometimes kundalini yoga teachers are covered up head-to-toe in white and other times they are not.  It makes a guy confused.  If I happen to glance at your body during the kriyas, it is merely to offer compassion because you aren’t breathing correctly and practicing real yoga, not because I have any emotional desire for you.

Look at the fake smile that kundalini yoga teacher/actress Libby Hudson is able to force upon her stone hard face.  Now whenever I see a glamour shot of a chick I know what is really behind that smile.  Acting and Kundalini yoga are a great two-punch combination of skill sets.  

dya kaur sikh princess

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  Sikh Attitude  

Yoga may be your religious or social life however it has a different meaning for me.  I signed-up for spiritual technology and nothing more.  It would have radically affected my life if I had of known that Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is more about Sikh attitude and women with swords than kundalini yoga. 

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 Kundalini Teachers Do Not Get Up Off Their Asses to Review Students 

Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainers never come down off the teaching platform to correct a student because the Aquarian Teachers Training Manual prohibits it.  It would have helped me to have read a review and understood this before I made the journey from the desert to Los Angeles to take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. 

kundalini spiritual theater

 Yoga as “Fuck Religion” 

The most important thing you will need at Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is a subservient attitude.  If you are a beautiful young woman with sexy white yoga clothes, you will not have a problem.  For girls KYTT is an easy trophy.  Yoga West is not a place for a serious male yoga student. Read the forums for those born into the Kundalini Yoga religion of Bhajanism.  Yoga West is really selling the brand new religion of Bhajanism.  It would be wise to review the Sikh religion before actually signing up for KYTT.

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 Sikh Religion Is Extremely Contentious  

Sikh religion requires all members to carry a kirpan knife at all times.  All Kundalini yoga gurus and teachers are Sikhs.  Ergo, all kundalini teachers are armed at all times.  If it looks like an armed warrior, walks like an armed warrior, and talks like an armed warrior, then it probably is an armed warrior.  I really wish I had of read a review explaining the whole Kaur princess thing to me. On my very first night of KYTT there was a Kaur princess staring me down at the meal service table.  It made me really uncomfy.  

adarsh kaur khalsa


Now I know what it feels like to not have closure.  Thanks to my teacher Dya Kaur I have this open question mark in my Yoga West review.  The most dangerous and unfriendly place in my life is probably the yoga studio at Yoga West.  Dya Kaur puts so much energy into putting me down and holding me down that she makes it absolutely necessary to write about it.  I am old and already have my authentic kundalini yoga education.  If you are a young man you are going to have a rough road ahead of you.  I learned most of my classroom kundalini at the Equinox gym on Hawthorne Blvd. in El Segundo.  

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.