Chinese Tea Party

Revolt Against Public Corruption in Palm Springs, California

This is a call for the citizens of Palm Springs to rise up and revolt against government corruption, police incompetence and the theft of public funds. Your taxes were just raised and you got the first transgender Councilperson? That is a pathetic package for a messed up little hole in the desert like Palm Springs. I left that dismal gay desert two months ago because I got sick and tired of the tacky tourist highway robbery.

The common people of PS are getting ripped off just like the Cahuilla people. Why does a little resort village like Palm Springs have the same problems as a big city? Because Palm Springs is mismanaged due to lack of leadership. The Palm Springs City Council should stop making excuses for ex-Councilman/Mayor Steve Pougnet and start blaming him like any intelligent politician would do. If Mayor Moon was a real leader he would stand up and say: John Wessman and his company are wrongdoers, tortfeasors and criminals are not welcome on Palm Canyon Drive.

Who has any Mayor of Palm Springs ever banned from Palm Canyon Drive? Hot college girls in thong bikinis are explicitly banned by local municipal ordinance from barring the natal cleft.  The citizens of the desert should revolt against this gay statute.

Police Negligence and Incompetence

Why does the Palm Springs Police Department have such a high body count? Who manages the PSPD, the 911 tactical dispatch operator? The police either need better training, or they should just pack up, go home, and let the Riverside County Sheriff Department take over. Any time the operation gets out of control that’s who PSPD calls anyway. Solve major crime problems in the desert by firing the entire police department and hiring a private security army from Blackwater.

Theft of Public Money

The City needs to hire lawyers that know how to get all the stolen money back from Pougnet, Wessman, Wessman Industries, Richard Meaney, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the bribed dog catcher, whomever. It’s worth revolting for the money alone. Are you going to let a bunch of small-time hoodlums control your life or you join me in a Palm Springs Revolt?

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.