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Revolution or Evolution?

Revolve Your Brain:

In 2008 I lived in my RV in Palm Springs while I read and studied the book Evolve Your Brain, by Joe Dispenza. Read this book and your life will change. Practice the concepts in this book and miracles will happen in your life. By creating new neural networks in your brain you cause your brain to revolve and evolve.

revolutionDispenza was a chiropractor riding the bicycle portion of a  triathlon competition when a negligent motor vehicle operator accidentally drove over the red cones marking the bike course and ran him over with her car. He had a broken back and healed himself with consciousness instead of his surgical spinal fusion options. Dispenza teaches that by creating my day every morning before I open my eyes I create my reality. So I tried it and it works.

I’m riding into the infinite power of the universe every day. I feel like everything has been worth it. Now that I have the freedom to think for myself I have been liberated from space and time. I feel like an urban shaman cruising through the landscape in my red Nissan Sentra 1.8 go-cart. It works fine for me for now, probably not for you.

Message In a Bottle

My brain and body have evolved into peak performance. I feel more alive right now at age 59 than I did when I was 19. I am the cause of all of the effects in my life. I learned how to evolve my brain and everything else evolved with it. I used to be an emotional wreck dependent upon alcohol to sooth my infantile ego anxiety. I had religious training and knowledge but working God. I had no deep connection to life and so I was searching through alcohol trying to find the message at the bottom of the bottle. By practicing spiritual principles of unconditional love and forgiveness I healed my emotional brokenness. 

revolve this townMeditation Message

The message is surrender, love and meditation for me. Your brain will revolve. That is why I am writing this blog. My answers to most of my problems came from surrendering everything I “thought” I knew.  I left my little trailer trash world behind and moved to the big city of life.

By surrendering to the void I became a void that was then filled by eternal spirit. I have always been outside of society. I like it that way. When I played in rock bands my best friend Bob Hines once said to me: “Dean, you don’t look like a rock and roller but you sure have the attitude.”   The rock songs I wrote were mainly didactic messages about God and the State.

I was writing message music. The late great Samuel Goldwyn was right: If you want to send a message use Western Union. To which I add: If you want to send a message, write a blog.
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