playa del rey

Funkiest Beach Town in L.A.

Playa del Rey, CA 90293

The purpose of this blog is to support The Shack, the only thriving establishment in Playa del Rey. I ate there one time because it is a great place to hang out, but like most restaurants at the tip of Playa, it is not a great place to eat at. But I still need to promote The Shack because it is the only energy crackin’ on the weekends. Some weekend this winter when the place is not packed maybe I’ll walk in and ask for my usual dork Dr. Pepper. The patio of The Shack rocks.

social practice

The Shack is so funky that no real gifs will be used in this article. Only fake fotos on this post. This blog is an excuse to play with pretty pictures on the web.

social practice

Everybody knows Playa is low profile and that’s the way we like it. Taking Culver Boulevard down to one lane has radically improved life in this sleepy little beach town.

No Se

Dean McAdams no longer provides paralegal services to the public. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be admitted into evidence as a legally binding contract. My new iPhone 8 automatically transcribes my voice mails. My unknown caller is on silent, with no vibration. I feel like putting my anonymous caller on vibrate so he can give me a hand job and perfect sex just the way I like it best while I am writing this post.

rey means king

Heat Wave

My license plates for my new car are in the desert where it is 100 fucking degrees and raining fags.  Normally I would go down to the desert and sleep for a few days before Kundalini Training but not when it is this hot. I can sleep fairly easy but sleeping in a warm environment is not a good sleep. LAst night I blissfully left my window wide open and woke up in the wee hours to shut it. The body loves sleeping in the cool moist Pacific Ocean air. 

The purpose of writing this blog is to obtain sexual gratification from fucking with my anonymous unknown caller Jeffrey Robert Cowan, CPA/Accounting Instructor, El Camino College.

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