THE JURY IS OUT: Con Artist or Con Man?

rich old white con man


Rich Old White Con Man

Some people say that Russell Brand’s yoga teacher Guru Singh is a scam artist and other people say he’s a con artist.  Suddenly I am really pissed that I paid good money to sit in rich old white con man Guru Singh’s Beverly Hills yoga classes and listen to his bait & switch sales tactics.  I feel like I just escaped from a mind-control cult just before drinking the Kool-Aid.  I think I have post-traumatic stress disorder.  Check out this anti-Yogi Bhajan website run by real Sikhs who are pissed off at fake Sikhs like Guru White Man Singh: Gurmukh Yoga Forum.

guru brand kool-aid drinker
Yoga West Review

Yoga West is like walking into a KKK meeting in the Twilight Zone.  White confidence artist Guru Singh sits up on his dais and says that he is not a white male.  Enough already!  Somebody has to put a stop to Guru Singh Khalsa claiming that he is not white.  Someone has to stop Guru Singh from speaking hatefully about white men at Yoga West. Stop advertising yoga and selling Sikh religion.  Someone has to put an end to this little charade. 

rich old white con man

 rich young white kundalini marketing girl

 We Don’t Get Fooled Again 

While Guru Singh is preaching fear and hatred I will be preparing a federal civil rights complaint using this blog.  Rather than waste the time and money on filing an actual lawsuit downtown on Springs Street the violations will be summarily addressed on this website.  The goal is to prevent prospective yoga students from being fooled by Yoga West.  

rich old white con man

 Rich Old White Con Man Markets In Blue 

Guru Singh got to be a rich old white con man by using celebrity photographers like Marc Royce and top advertising agencies like Trout and Taylor to create his guru brand. 

guru sing trout taylor bio

guru singh facebook mobile

fake seo business

Refined Con Artistry | Fake SEO Services from RoiHigh

If you are a small business operator you are continually bombarded with fraudulent vendors.  Here is, this is what a fake SEO website looks like.  There is no such thing as “white label” or “PPC”.  The correct buzzword is “white hat”.  Notice the cheesy graphics.  A real SEO website could never be this slap-dash.  These guys are worse than rich old white con man Guru Singh when it comes to refined con artistry. Beware of this dangerous criminal enterprise:  Do not visit this website.  

White Label Agency services (SEO and PPC)


We work with many different SEO agencies and in-house staff in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Israel, to name a few countries. If you’re an agency looking for rich old white con man white-label SEO services, let’s cut to the chase. We have:

  • High-quality content pieces with laser-targeted outreach services to get exposure and social attention.
  • High trustflow, high DA posts on top newspapers, magazines and blogs.
  • Infographic design, submission, social and outreaching campaigns.
  • Google Local promotion, including citations done for your client.
  • Youtube video organic rankings on Google, same with Yelp, Etsy and more.
  • New link building strategies we’re introducing on a monthly basis, keep in touch with us – we have a lot to offer for your clients’ websites!


We’ve partnered with one of the best rich old white con man algorithmic PPC bidding providers in the world to be able to offer unmatched ROI improvements to PPC agencies. We’re offering two levels of service:

  • DIY:Just plug our solution to any of your rich old white con men clients’ PPC campaigns, and watch how your CPA drops and the number of leads increases over time – simple as that! Keep managing your client’s campaign using your brain and skills to focus on ad copy, keywords and everything else that matters – leave the math to algorithms that do it much better than any human team can!
  • MANAGED: (Duh? This is dumb speak from Russians who don’t have good rich old white con man marketing skills)We can take care of your clients’ campaigns charging you a flat cost per client, while you reap the rewards charging your clients a percentage of their media spend!

Our team is comprised of experienced, professional PPC warriors managing high-budget, competitive campaigns on Adwords, Bing and Facebook. They will fight their way to the top for your client, day by day while you stay on the frontend to enjoy the complements. We can setup your campaign from scratch or take over an existing campaign – prices start at just $1,250 per month.


Notice the misspellings. 

Beware of these on-line criminals:

These young white con men hack & crack at

Adi Fridman Ohad Levi

The world is full of bad people of all ages and colors so rich old white con man Guru Singh should stop discriminating.

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