Rainbow Swirling Above My Crib

Global Rainbow Rip Off

What is PS Gay Pride 2019?  A chance to sell rotten apples in the form of a fake homosexual lifestyle to newcomers to the desert. Gay realtor carnival booths on parade. Palm Springs has fully degenerated into the highway robbery gay rip off that it was always destined to be.  

Gay rip off

WIth the advent of the Internet and gay civil rights, the gay ghetto has been rendered irrelevant.  You can be gay anywhere, you don’t want or need a premanufactured gay cookie cutter lifestyle from Ft. Lauderdale or Palm Springs. The criminal conspiracy known as PS is going down in flames.

Rip off

Global Warning

All Worlds gay clothing optional resort in Palm Springs is a rip off and a health hazard. AW is just another sleazy gay bath house with no bath rooms! This homosexual shit hole is ridiculous. All Worlds Resort is just as unhygienic as Cathedral City Boys Club. Gay bath houses in the desert lack proper toilet facilities. There ought to be a law against selling day passs to gay bath house sex club resorts without providing an adequate number of toilets, showers and sinks.

flushing jarrad cowan's money

Newcomer Rip Off

I am amazed at the number of lesbians and gays I met this weekend who are moving here with no summer experience living in this desert inferno.  Suckers.  Gay suckers.  Friends don’t let friends move to the 120 degree Mohave desert.  The desert is not a healthful place to live. The dry heat is exhausting and nauseating. The ungodly heat is low quality subsistence living.

Gay prison

Palm Springs downward trajectory will be greatly accelerated once Steve Pougnet, John Wessman and Richard Meaney have been convicted in their upcoming bribery & corruption trial. The malaise hanging over this little one horse town will further harden the self-proclaimed desert outlaws with loud exhaust systems.

pspd officers burton smart

Sitting outside at AW resort there is no fire pit or heaters. The public spaces in LA have all that! 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.