Transmutation of the Socially Awkward One

Blogging As Ritual Transmutation of Sexual Energy

This blog is dedicated to Yogi Napoleon Hill for Chapter 13 of Think and Grow Rich: Transmutation of Sexual Energy.   I have been back in Los Angeles for two weeks now and I have not contacted anyone that I know because I am creating a new life which includes blogging as personal ritual. 

emotional literacy

UPDATE | Here is an Ann Bradney transmutation of sexual energy page.  Blogging on my first iPad has become my ritual interaction with the world in my new chaste lifestyle. Over the weekend I felt a little bit lonely hanging out by myself and so I got over it with God. Strange women initiate conversation complimenting me on my shoes, night vision aviator glasses & my shiny new Chrysler Town and Country and I only thank them and don’t really hit the ball back.

I’ve done the relationship thing and will be taking another long break on that for my Kundalini program. I am blessed by God to be around clean souls practicing clean consciousnesses.

Sexual transmutation 

Putting myself out into the world with this daily blogging ritual is socially and sexually gratifying as whipping out these articles in a few hours has become second nature to me. Now that I am dictating these blogs on my first iPad, my productivity has really gone up.  The young get old and the old get wiser. Blogging is one way of transmuting my lower energy and into higher realms of communication.

meditation practice

Ritual Community

Now I must retune my ritual energy to my new community as I begin Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level I! New friends and new consciousness. Writing this blog helps me to emotionally prepare for my new relationships. I need to relax and calm down when I speak. I want to speak softer and slower.  Practicing Kundalini is practicing energy transmutation.  

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Transmutation of Emotional Energy

Awareness of my emotional state is the first step. I am probably the most broken person to have ever come this far in recovery. I have quite literally snatched life from the jaws of death. 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.