Request for Riverside County District Attorney’s Office to please investigate Jeff Cowan‘s failure to register as a sex offender.

Michael Hestrin, Riverside County District Attorney

Dear Michael Hestrin, Riverside County D.A.:

AUGUST 28, 2021 Riverside County District Attorney UPDATE: On August 3, 2021, in Dept. 3T, Indio Larson Justice Center, Indio, California, Defendant Cowan pled guilty to Case numbers INM2005742; SWM2102545; INM2003558; NM21000769; INM2004681; and INM2102095. As part of this plea agreement defendant’s registration must occur within five (5) days. This would calendar out to due date by August 7, 2021 for defendant to be registered by designating his Mohave County AZ residence located at 2615 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86480.

On August 7, 2021 Mr. Jeffrey Robert Cowan Goldhammer was arrested for five (5) active warrants by City of Lake Havasu. Mr. Goldhammer was in route to his residence behind the Havasu police station when he was arrested across the street.

The purpose of this crime blog is to function as a request that the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office seeks the harshest sentence possible for Defendant Jeff Cowan’s possible probation violations. Any violent criminal who would violate court issued restraining orders issued to protect Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies is a serious danger to the public. At this time Cowan is probably still in the Havasu jail on his theft, fraud, fighting and harassment charges at 2617 Titan Lane in Lake Havasu City, Mohave County, Arizona.

As of 8-3-2021 Jeff was on probation for:

riverside county district attorney
Blogging about Cowan & crime gives my life meaning

I actually want to thank Jeff Cowan for leading such an ambitious life of crime because he gives me something criminal to blog about. When the Delta surge first took off I was resigned to staying home again because of all the fools who refuse to get vaccinated. I cringe to accept the fact that I actually know conspiracy theorists who post their anti-vaccination messages on Facebook. Even though I am fully vaccinated and wear a mask, I had resigned to becoming a recluse. Then I changed my changed my mind and was going to venture our despite the Delta surge. I want to go out and meet people.

Now that the coronavirus Delta surge is really taking off big time everything good is closing down again. Dr. Fauci and others are giving dire warnings so it looks like all the intelligent people will be staying home again.

Westside Hope Center

I had all of my A.A., Al-Anon, Toastmasters, Friends of the Library, Book Clubs and other meetings all lined-up. I wanted to investigate live and in-person Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings at the Westside Hope Center. The WHC is located right down the street from me. Now I have to stay home again. Except for my blissful beach yoga, where I can be alone with nature.

Thank Buddha I have the beach all to myself on weekday mornings

The Pacific Ocean is only five miles away from my apartment and I am on the beach two or three times a week. At 9:00AM on Mondays and Fridays you can always find me exercising in the tidal zone at Playa del Rey and Dockweiler State Beach.

After that, one of the really exciting things I do is read and blog. So this morning I am writing this crime blog for the Riverside County District Attorney, asking him to give Jeffrey R. Cowan a stiff sentence for the multitude of crimes he has committed.

Why Jeff Cowan?

In 2017, when I was his tenant in Palm springs, Mr. Cowan stole my car, computer, flat screen TV and other valuable personal property. Now Jeff Cowan’s karma is coming down hard upon him. He has already been in jail for over two months and in a perfect world he would be sentenced to a year in the Riverside County Jail by District Attorney Michael Hestrin.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean over educated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.