Freedom during lockdown

The robe is about 2020 comfort.

Let me take this opportunity to explain why some of you see me dressed in my bathrobe a lot of the time during pandemic lockdown 2020. The robe is all about comfort. When I invited one of the artists-in-residence in to my apartment to see my new Jackson Pollack knock off print I sensed perhaps that my eccentric attire took him by surprise. Please do no be taken aback by my casual attire. These days I am doing everything possible to make staying at home fun like wearing a bathrobe all day long and choosing the right art to purchase on Amazon.

As a practitioner of mediation and dabbler in the yogic and Buddhist traditions I do attach some symbolic and ritual spiritual significance to the robe however my first choice would be to practice yoga naked. First and foremost the universal garment known as the robe is about comfort. Wearing my robe to the door when our magnificent dietary staff serves our meals does not mean I am sleeping or that I just got out of the shower, it just means I like to do whatever I want. I wear a robe because it is only one step up from nudity, my preferred state of universal existence. Nudity and robes are all about maintaining an optimal comfort zone. I would wear my robe all over campus except that the residents handbook expressly forbids wearing a robe outside of our apartments.

robe is about comfort

Home comfort is the new everything

Dressing down and staying at home is going to be really big for the next decade so practice fashion forward by adding a few robes to your wardrobe. For Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski and for Hugh Hefner in his Playboy mansion, the robe allows the bon vivant to live his life in the liberated style of the iconoclast. During these stay-at-home lockdown days it is good to find an outlet to express my independent nature. Lifestyle and comfort is the reason that you will see me wearing a bathrobe as much as possible.

the robe is about comfort

Wearing my robe on Palm Canyon Drive

One of my private ambitions was to wear a bath robe in public just like Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. In order to accomplish this goal I once took advantage of the good cheer of the holiday season. On New Year’s Day 2018 I wore my bathrobe from my motel to get my morning Koffi on the main drag in Palm Springs.

robe is about comfort