Why is a Private Citizen Prosecuting Child Sex Offenders?

rumors of child abuse
Victor DiMino

May 21, 2019 UPDATEIt looks like little Victor Dimino is not going to post his growing up photographs on facebook.  

June 29, 2018 UPDATE | I don’t know what the fuck these lying sacks of shit are up to.  I think Art DiMino may now using the name Angelo Dimino and I have found a wealth of new information on Eydie Poague and the DiMino Organization on I have created a slander & defamation page for Art and Eydie.  

In 2003 my neighbor Eydie Renee Poague DiMino began creating and spreading vicious rumors in Tujunga. This vile gossip that I was doing something improper with little kids continues to impact my life. Mrs. DiMino never notified any authorities or put anything in writing. She just went around lying to all the neighbors. I have no sexual interest in children and I am not interested in relationships with anyone more than twenty years younger than myself. Kenny Webb said he actually believed Eyde DiMino’s lies. She got her husband Art DiMino in on the rumor grinding mill. They made my life hell and their rumors persist to this day.  Now registered child sex trafficker John Herriot is trying to compound the DiMino gossip with false representations about a non-existent restraining order against me.

Dean McAdams Saved By the LAPD

I was fixing up my former marital residence to sell due to my impending divorce and the DiMino’s were calling the cops because I was painting at night after I got home from my insurance paralegal job. Working at night on private property is not illegal.  One day I was illegally repairing City of Los Angeles property by rebuilding my broken driveway apron and sidewalk in front of my house.  The DiMino’s walked back and forth acting as official concerned citizens as my hired worker and I watched the DiMino’s watching us work. All the while giving me the evil eye, wagging fingers and shaking heads. The nosy neighbors called the cops as usual and the Los Angeles Police Department arrived with a City of LA building inspector in tow.

Just then ten year old Craig Green and his five year old sister Jenna walked by. In front of uniformed law enforcement officers and building inspector’s I pointed to the two kids as they walked up to me as I said: “These are the kids my neighbors are spreading rumours about.”  Five minutes later a uniformed female LAPD officer arrived and questioned the children. Ten minutes later EVERYONE left. I went back to pouring concrete on my Saturday afternoon. I never heard anything from any detectives or anyone else.  I went to alcohol rehab in Malibu and got sober.  Art and Edye DiMino got a divorce. I was just hanging out with these two inquisitive and engaging neighborhood tykes because I was sick of adults and sick and tired of myself. Art and Eyde had no sex life so they misappropriated mine. I am fairly sexually active however it is all very legal and safe. 

pregnancy rumor
Why is this the only “look she’s really pregnant” photo? This looks fake to me. Is Kim DiMino really Victor DiMino’s birth mother? Are they going to somehow blame Dean McAdams when this kid becomes the savior of the world?

Rumors Become Karma 

Art DiMino was a high school acquaintance who is the same age as me. We are both 59 years old. In the ultimate karmic washout, Art DiMino remarried, became a pool cleaner in San Diego, and just had his first child. A 59 year old pool cleaner with no education and an infant. Is that child neglect or is that Dean McAdams’ revenge? 

Art’s vicious rumors seeded his own karmic destiny. Now registered child sex offender John Herriott is spreading vicious rumors that there is a restraining order against me. John’s rumors are now seeding his own karmic destiny which will soon be played out here in this blog. 

LET’S START GRINDING THE RUMOR MILL:  Why is there only one photo or Art’s pregnant wife? We have lots of photos of cute little Victor DiMino being shown off to friends and family. Is Kim DiMino really the birth mother? Do we know who the father really is Art? I am putting this in writing and calling you out. Art DiMino was a fraud in 2003 and he is a fraud today. How are are mean neighbors going to undo the wagging tongues of Diedra Mertz and others?  Don’t start vicious rumors about people because everything you do comes back to you because it is you. I know this harsh reality from brutal experience.

I wish Art DiMino and his new family well but I’m sure glad I’m not young Victor DiMino. However I would gladly be Donald Trump’s kid . . . hey maybe I am . . . let’s start grinding that rumor mill . . .    

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.