TANTRIC POLARITY | Sublimating Sexuality Into Spirituality

Second (Sacral) Chakra (Svadisthana)

chakras are imaginaryThe Aquarian Teacher, Yogi Bhajan

| Chapter 15 | Pages 189 & 190 

To Feel, To Desire, To Create

Each chakra is a purely imaginary visualization of your world. It is a perspective of creative awareness that organizes all of our feelings, thoughts and values to encounter the world and to act within it. The vision of the Sacral Chakra is about desire and passion, about duality and polarities, about movement and change, and fundamentally about creativity.

sacral chakraThe element associated with the Second Chakra is water. Consider the qualities of water. It flows and moves freely. It doesn’t run up hills, so water under the influence of gravity seeks the lowest spot. Just as feelings under the pressure of desire seek out a situation of rapport, a situation where similar feelings can become fulfilled. Water doesn’t have a set shape. Just as feelings are not fixed. Water is much more mobile than earth and through patient and constant repetition, water can even shape earth. Just so, feelings can give form to habits.  There is no limit to the speed at which water can move and in which you can move through water. Have you ever leapt off they high diving board and unfortunately landed flat? Water which has a mobile nature suddenly seemed as solid as a wall. People who function strongly through the Second Chakra and have opened to the world of feelings move at a speed dictated by those feelings. If they don’t feel ready to move, they won’t, regardless of the outside  pressure.  If they feel they are ready to move, they will, regardless of the appropriateness of the outside world. Someone who is dominated by the vision of the Second Chakra sees the world in terms of feelings, in terms of desires and impulses, and in terms of the fulfillment of passion. Sex from the Second Chakra represents the seeking of a polarity and the fulfillment and release of the energies created by that polarization. 

Unlike the First Chakra, where the vision of the world is singular, secure and isolated, the Sacral Chakra requires others. When the Second Chakra is well developed, you have opinions, you make distinctions, you like blue but not red, you prefer hot rather then cold. You’re not someone who lacks contrast and contours.

A well functioning Second Chakra paints the world with passions, motivations, and opinions, it prepares the way for compassion in the Fourth Chakra because there are things you dearly care about and want.

kundalini tantraKundalini Tantra

Language in the Second Chakra is often sensual, colorful, and goal–oriented. It is a flexible and fluid just like water. Many people experience this as the ability to lie or to create a line or a story in order to get to the real passion underneath. It is like flirtation: what ever you may be talking about, flirtation ultimately has a sexual connotation.  In fact, that’s the art of flirtation: how to talk sexually without saying anything directly sexual.

Tantric Intercourse With Creative Awareness

From the yogic point of view, the experiences of the Second Chakra provide the first taste of merger, of going beyond one’s isolated self, dissolving with, through, and into another. The momentary forgetfullness in the ecstasy of sexual release is a taste of the much greater bliss available to us as we let go and merge with the Infinite Polarity, where our finite and Infinite have intercourse into a creative sense of awareness. This is very much what was meant by the Tantras, i.e., using sexuality as a way to experience the spirit. 

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The combination of creativity and passion found in the Second Chakra is one of the reasons that we often see such quirky and temperamental personalities attributed to artists. In the Second Chakra, desires, pleasures, and the pains and struggles of finally expressing your creation in the light, are all mixed together. When all the other chakras are balanced in relation to the Second, sexuality becomes joyful, varied, expressive, and rarely has the connotations of confusion, struggle, pain or perversion that seem to be on the rise in our culture.

sacral chakra

Over Stimulated Sacral Chakra

Stimulation of the Sacral Chakra is the common form of stimulation in our society. They say everything sells if you just add sex, so we see sexy bodies draped across cars, walking in shoes and voraciously consuming every item of food.  It is not that all the shoes and the cars and the food give you good sex. It is that seeing a sexual object provides stimulation, reminds you to have passions, asks you to have feelings, and tries to engage you with the deep subconscious tides of your own passions.

In the classical symbols for the Sacral Chakra, there is an animal in the center of it. It is an alligator and a serpent. It represents a kind of monster or serpent that travels deep under the ocean, the kind of thing sailors were always on the lookout for that might capsize their ships. Our mind rides on the ocean of the unconscious feelings in a little boat. They can be capsized at any moment by the power of one wave of emotion. This symbol reminds us that despite all of our rational and intellectual thoughts, regardless of our systematic plans, if we don’t have a mastery of, and a good relationship to our passions, our boat can be overturned. Modern research has found that thinking and feeling go together, that our memories are sorted within our mind by feelings as much as by meanings or by other forms of content. It simply isn’t true that thinking is a purely non-emotional functioning. The emotions and passions expressed through the Second Chakra, and the thoughts and assessments that are given through the Sixth Chakra stimulate each other. Thoughts and imaginations about different things produce feelings & emotions, and feelings & emotions regulate the flow, intensity, and believability of thoughts.

Mastering Tantric Polarity Blending

Taste is the sensory system connected with the Second Chakra. Without passions, life has no taste, and taste itself is conveyed by the watery mixtures of chemicals that we take in through our tongue. When you experience great passion, then the taste within your mouth also changes. In the state of yoga, you unite with the Infinite, at that point your brain produces an amrit,  a sweet nectar, and the taste within your mouth changes. Someone asked me, what does this have to do with the sexual organs, which are certainly located lower in the body?  But to the Tantrics who understand the use of polarity to stimulate passions, the tongue represents the male organ and the lips the opening of the female organ. The constant vibration of this into speech is the production of seed, and those seeds are what give the creativity in the world. You can create on the gross level directly through the Second Chakra and the physical organ, or you can create through the word and through vibration.  In both cases, you are mastering the art of blending polarities.

sacral chakra

If Your Sacral Chakra is Out of Balance, Anything Could Be Sexual, No Matter What You Say or Do

When the Sacral Chakra is weak, the world seems flat. There is little passion. You don’t really have opinions about this or that, and your body doesn’t show the effects of motivation, of loving the senses, of movement.  It tends to be constricted and limp.

When the Second Chakra is overactive, there is nothing that is not sexual. You have a kind of sexual mania.

Relationships will be about the fulfillment of your passion, regardless of what you say, regardless of the other roles. Someone with a very strong Second Chakra may have difficulty maintaining a business relation strictly for business. They cross over boundaries. They cannot maintain themselves because it seems to them that regardless of how the other person is actually talking they’re always really talking about sexual stimulation.

In yoga, the exercises that we do, such as Frog Pose and Sat Kriya, (that our known to work on the Sacral Chakra and on all three of the lower chakras), provide balance in full functioning of the chakra. Don’t think of the exercises as stimulating to increase or reduce a chakras functions. Rather the intent is to balance, and to interconnect the chakra with the play of all the other chakras.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.