CMEN Moves From Malibu to San Bernardino

San Bernardino Nude Gay Gathering Led by Registered Child Sex Offender

CMEN’s child sex offender leader John Herriot has moved his nude gay gathering from the hills of Malibu due to his bad karma. The sausage festival has relocated to the privacy of a nudist camp at Angelus Oaks, in the mountains of San Bernardino, California for Labor Day 2022. Sadly, Camp Shalom Malibu burned down in the historic 2018 Woolsey Fire. Now as a result, every Labor Day CMEN will be having their annual two-week bisexual nudist gathering at an undisclosed Angelus Oaks sex camp in the San Bernardino mountains. 24/7 nudity is mandatory and infantile, scatological behavior is preferred.

The purpose of this article is to update Pedophile promoter John Karl Herriot’s addresses. Mr. Herriot maintains multiple residences in West Hollywood, Yucca Valley, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, somewhere in the State of Colorado, two weeks per year in Angelus Oaks, San Bernardino and who knows where else. Mr. Herriot also has a questionable youth league baseball uniform business that he runs out of a P.O. Box in WeHo. Where in the world is John Karl Herriot?

john herriot megans law update need san bernardino address

Where in the World is John Herriot?

CMEN founder and leader John Herriott is a registered child sex trafficker on the Megan’s Law website and is therefore required to list temporary and vacation addresses. Mr. Herriot has failed to update his Megan’s Law sex offender registration with his two week temporary vacation address in San Bernardino and elsewhere. This arrested state of development is reflected in everything about CMEN, beginning with the name CMEN. The juvenile acronym CMEN is indicative of the puerile personality of pedophile programming perpetrator Herriott.

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If you support CMEN then you support the practice of a gay pedophile belief system. I wish that this wasn’t true. Because if this was not true I would love to be running around naked being chased by animals at a nude two-week gay sex party in the Southern California mountains.

crimes of john herriot failed change current address 7309 franklin

Herriott Toenail Fungus

Two weeks ago when I realized that I still had John Herriott’s toenail fungus I cursed him anew. Herriott and many elderly gay CMEN have heinous toenail fungus. It only appeared that I had killed all of the fungus on my feet while I was living in the desert two years ago. The invisible fungus was there this whole time. I should have been applying fungus treatment on my feet every day for the past two years! When I realized what was happening I didn’t even wait to see my doctor I just purchased a $50.00 assortment of foot fungus products on Amazon.

cmen community of men enjoying naturism cmen founder john herriot
Gay San Bernardino Does Not Appeal to Me Anymore

My life is radically different now that I no longer socialize in gay life. I don’t socialize and I don’t sexualize with homosexual people so I fill the void with writing these blogs until I move to my luxury independent living in Northern California.

Easter Epiphany

When I am dressing my feet to prevent foot fungus every morning I think about all the serious gay diseases I am avoiding. Easter 2017 God told me to stop going to gay bathhouses because there was “something there for me.” It turns out I was renting a room from Jeff Cowan who is one of John Herriott’s main supporters. Now Cowan rents out rooms in Cathedral City, California to CMEN who are visiting Palm Springs and the San Bernardino Boys Club. Forget the desert, I live in tropical L.A. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am going to Hermosa Beach!

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.