Do Rumors Ever Die?

Constructing False Belief Systems

My journey of recovery from the disease of alcoholism began in 2003 when it became advantageous for me sell my house and move. San Diego Pool Cleaner Art DiMino constructed hysterical neighborhood rumors necessitating this move. Art never went to any police or other authorities nor did he make any written or official complaints. Art and his wife just went around the seedy little neighborhood making up lies and gossiping about child sex trafficking. After passing from gossip to gossip the lies evolved into false community beliefs.

Art and Eydie DiMino were patrolling back and forth in front of my house with their Akita dog named Kitty. It was just too crazy and so I had to sell the house I paid a mere $109k for the princely sum of $308 to realize a windfall profit.

I threw what I wanted into my RV and left the rest. I checked myself into Milestones Ranch Malibu and never looked back. My amazing personal transformation all began thanks to the rancor of my high school associate and neighbor living behind me, Arthur DiMino. Everybody in San Diego and all of Southern California should be aware of that.

san diego pool cleaner's fake pregnancy
The fake pregnancy of the San Diego Pool Cleaner’s wife

San Diego Pool Cleaner Art Dimino

It may sound self-serving or self-aggrandizing, however my opinion is that San Diego Pool Cleaner Art DiMino was jealous of my superficially successful lifestyle. In 1992 I married a really nice girl who was a native of Mexico City, Mexico. Veronica was an only child and she was almost as lonely as I was. I found her in a personal ad in the Recycler newspaper in March of 1992 and we got married six months later in September.

victor dimino
Why are there no pregnancy or birth photographs of Victor DiMino?

New Life

Veronica’s parents gave us the down payment on a mortgage on McClemont Avenue. San Diego Pool Cleaner Art DiMino lived behind me on Helendale Street. Art and his wife played an important role in my divorce in 2001 and I owe them both a tremendous debt of gratitude. The purpose of this post is to thank Art and Eydie DiMino for helping my life to crash and burn so I could finally move out of Tujunga. They forced me to get well by moving to Malibu to recover from alcoholism. What a blessing the entire DiMino Clan has been in my life.

dimino family

Setting the Record Straight

Occasionally when I run into someone from my past they give me this conspiratorial vibe like they know some “big secret.” They don’t have the directness to engage or confront me openly or honestly. This happened to me over Christmas 2003 while talking to my high school friend Michelle Barone. Michelle gave me this sideways smirk that let me know she had heard the rumors. Michelle passed away of breast cancer when we were sixty years old. I never had a chance to talk to her about this. If I ever meet anyone like that again I am just going to confront my old San Diego Pool Cleaner friend’s rumors head on. I will just say: “Did you know that Art and Eydie DiMino started rumors about me being a gay child sex trafficker in 2003?”

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean over educated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.