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Sat Devbir Singh | Voodoo Guru

It’s a good thing that Sat Devbir Singh helped me get out of KYTT because I would have been disappointed and heartbroken after I found out what an oxymoron Guru Singh is. When I paid $3,200 for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training I had no idea I was getting involved with something that involved crystal healing and angels. What’s next, voodoo? I am actually interested in voodoo, but I’m really glad it didn’t work out for me at Yoga West.

I probably would have wanted my money back if I had of completed KYTT with Guru Singh, Sat Devbir, Adarsh and Dya Kaur.  I want to learn spiritual yoga mat technology not Age of Aquarius new age hippie philosophy. I had no idea that Kundalin Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan was so fluid and yet judgmental at the same time. 

sat devbir singh

Divine Intervention 

I am interested in technical aspects of kundalini yoga. Sat Devbir is somehow involved with Adarsh and Dya Kaur Khalsa related to my blessed termination of KYTT at Yoga West.  Prospective kundalini teachers should be advised to have a crystal tune-up in order to pass inspection by Sat Devbir Singh at KYTT at Yoga West.

sat devbir singh

Down Dog Steam Room

Thursdays are notoriously slow days at gyms and this morning I had the steam room and Jacuzzi all to myself. I am actually doing vinyasa flow in a steam room. The steam room at the Bay Club in El Segundo comes on automatically at 5:00 a.m. so if I get in there right away I can actually do a kundalini vinyasa workout for a little while. Unless someone comes in and throws water on the thermostat to accelerate the cycle. Guys who are only coming in for a few minutes need to have the steam on high, I get that. But I don’t throw water on the thermostat to turn it on, I am notorious for being in the steam room with no steam on. I am on the long endurance cycle. I am steam rinsing Dya Kaur Libby Hudson Lydecker’s long name from my subconscious mind and shortening her down to size.  Even now. 


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.