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Either this is a case of retaliatory eviction for complaining about the skunks or residents at Woodside Village are being evicted for the most minor of infractions. Currently, if a tenant at Woodside Village is seven days late paying their community utility bill they are evicted and they have to pay a $5.00 late fee. Satellite Management Company doesn’t cut any slack.

Is Satellite Management’s Conduct Legal?

Satellite Management charges $4.00 per month in administrative fees to service the community utilities at Woodside. There are 264 units at Woodside. That’s over a thousand dollars a month Satellite is making on administrative fees alone. The rents at Woodside are exorbitant, the Jacuzzi is always broken and skunks spray the grounds and parking lots on a regular basis. Satellite needs to bring the premises at 2547 Temple in West Covina, California up to habitable standards so that the residents can enjoy the peace and quiet of Puente Hills.

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Withholding of Rent

California Law provides that a tenant can withhold rent to pay for uninhabitable conditions. The residents of Woodside Village Apartments should form an organized withholding of rent coalition. Apparently the only way to get rid of the skunks is to hire professionals to kill them and that is expensive. So be it. Jacuzzi’s are expensive to maintain also. Rental properties are expensive to maintain. The rents are top shelf to the maintenance should be up to par with the rents. This is a social injustice.

Satellite Management Company is Making a Social Justice Warrior Out of Me

Satellite is radicalizing me into becoming a lone wolf social justice warrior. Satellite Management is not performing their contractual duties to maintain the premises at Woodside. Yet Satellite has the wherewithal to process and mail me a three day notice to pay $56.49 or they will evict. I told Satellite to just go ahead and file their summons and complaint. I will file a cross-complaint for elder abuse, dangerous skunk condition and failure to provide a working Jacuzzi.

Stand and Make Satellite Management Company Deliver

This blog is putting Satellite Management Company on notice that research will be conducted into other properties allegedly managed by Satellite for compliance. Research, discovery and investigation is my passion.

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