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Meat Oscar Mayor of Little Sausage, California

Was JR Really Mayor of Sausalito?

9-11-2018 UPDATE:  It turns out JR really was involved with Sausalito politics:

Was Palm Springs Councilman JR Roberts ever really the mayor or councilman of Sausalito, California from 1998 to 2002?  Or is this fabricated out of his fake UCLA degree? Initial research indicates that Mr. Roberts first began misrepresenting himself as an architect in Northern California. Did the City of Sausalito elect Mr. Roberts based upon the same fake credentials he uses on his official City of Palm Springs website bio? YES JR WAS A SAUSALITO VICE-MAYOR.

unlicensed gay architect jr

What a Funny Guy |  If he looks funny and makes you laugh, he must be a comedian, right? Maybe it was all an April Fools Day joke beginning in 1998 by “Mayor” Roberts and someday soon he will be “President” Roberts. Mr. Roberts doesn’t want to answer any of my questions so I’ll blast out this blog to him instead. JR only wants to talk about trusting corrupt developer John Wessman’s son-in-law Michael Braun to continue the in-your-face design of the so-called revitalized Palm Springs.  How many years will downtown be in disarray? Apparently Mr. Roberts is playing a preposterous long-term April Fools prank on the people of Palm Springs.

This is my April Fools Day 2017 blog for “Councilman” JR Roberts, the Mayor of Little Sausage, California 

EXCERPT | Living North and South | MARIN MAGAZINE | February 2007 | Sometimes, destiny can be delayed, but never denied. Just ask Sausalito architects J. R. Roberts and John Boccardo, who specialize in architectural restoration, share a passion for midcentury modern architecture and revel in the beauty of Palm Springs.

“I love the contrast [of going] between the wet redwoods of the north and the dry, warm climate of the desert,” says Roberts, a former Sausalito mayor and city councilman from 1998 to 2002. “After it rains in the desert, the mountains explode into spectacular shows of colors from wild flowers and cactus. The air smells of sage and feels like velvet moving over your skin.”

jr roberts mayor of sausalito

Before they moved to Sausalito, Roberts and Boccardo lived in Palm Springs. There they noticed a stunning example of midcentury modern architecture that would ultimately become their home. In the late 1980s, says Roberts, “John and I used to drive by the house and dream of owning it.”
Located in the Little Tuscany neighborhood in the Palm Springs foothills, an area known for its privacy, boulder-strewn lots, and spectacular views, the 2,800-square-foot home on just over a half acre of land had captured their hearts. Alas, the house belonged to another. So Boccardo and Roberts bought and restored a different midcentury modern home. They never expected the phone call they received in 1999, alerting them that their dream home was about to go on the market.

“John was on a plane the next day and we bought it,” says Roberts. “I didn’t see it until we were in escrow. I didn’t need to. I knew I wanted it and was not afraid of the restoration.”

Mayor of Pimp Springs | Former Sausalito Mayor and ex-San Francisco madam Sally Stanford has verifiable credentials however JR Roberts does not. It appears that one day Mr. Roberts was comparing his home to Frank Sinatra’s house and deemed himself a licensed architect with a UCLA education. The problem is that I do not see this reflected in the current dismal state of construction zone Palm Springs.

Bay Watch | Otis Redding wrote Sitting on the Dock of the Bay on a houseboat in Sausalito. I get that. I can feel that. I can feel the authenticity of Mr. Redding’s Sausalito credentials but I don’t get the same genuine feeling from Mr. Roberts.  -April Fools from Pimp Springs, CA. 

By Dean McAdams

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