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Just Say Yes To Brotherly Love

Say No to Hypocrites Like Dean Arnell

My new mission is to be the Ambassador of Brotherly Love. Are you a hypocrite who preaches in the name of Christ on Sunday and then speaks rudely to your congregation on New Year’s Day? It is important to say no to hypocrites like Dean Arnell because if you ignore them they will only get stronger. It is time to kill them with kindness and devastate them with love.

On New Year’s Day 2020 Br. Steve H. was trying to help Br. Arnell find the football game after the parade ended on the big screen TV. Arnell stood their glaring at Steve and whined: “Don’t worry about it and mind your own business.” Arnell gives his Sunday blessings and then acts belligerent in the dining hall so I chimed into the conversation by saying in a loud voice to Arnell: “You really told him where to go didn’t you?”

“What did you say?” Arnell sniveled in his hillbilly accent. So at the top of my lungs I shouted: “YOU REALLY TOLD HIM OFF GOOD FOR HELPING YOU OUT DIDN’T YOU” He smirked and croaked: “You’re really trying to start something aren’t you? Yes I am really trying to start and finish something here. I am trying to solve the problem of Freemasons who fall away from the craft because of Dean Arnell and Masons like him. I trying to be the Ambassador of Love and it is very difficult for me. I’m like everybody else, I just want to kill, kill, kill. However Spirit has communicated to me that I must spread Brotherly Love instead of community anger.

hypocrites like dean arnell pray publicly
Dean Arnell preaching to a captive audience

Dean Arnell Is Hereby on Love Notice

For the past six months I have been sitting by keeping my mouth shut while Arnell acts like a total asshole in public. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to articulately address his hypocrisy when he uses his hands to serve himself instead of using the tongs at the buffet table.

dean arnell masonic fake

So the other morning when Arnell started whining because there was no V8 Juice I yelled to him: “You needed something to complain about didn’t you?” The purpose of this blog is to always remember so shout really loud when I’m talking to Arnell so he can’t pretend that he is deaf and dumb.

is dean arnell an asshole or a butt wipe?
Brother Butt Wipe | Thanksgiving 2019

What if Dean Arnell is the Only Fake Preacher People Will Meet Today?

I was shocked and surprised at what Arnell was like upon first impression. Everyone said he was a hypocrite and an asshole when I had only been a resident here for a week. What if Dean Arnell is the only Freemason that men have ever met? What if men decide not to continue paying Masonic Dues because they don’t like hypocrites preaching to them?

religious fake dean arnell

There are only 48,196 dues paying California Freemasons as if 2017 because of problems such as Arnell.

40,000 California Masons Do Not Pay Dues

In sharp contrast to the 48,196 dues paying Freemasons is the fact that there are an additional 40,000 California Freemasons whose membership has been suspended for nonpayment of dues. There is currently a membership restoration plan in operation to attempt to bring these 40,000 Freemasons back to active status. But what if these inactive members see hypocrites such as Dean Arnell setting a bad example with non-Masonic conduct? In my opinion the solution is to just say no to hypocrites and assholes!

say no to hypocrites like dean arnell
Just say no to Christian hypocrite Dean Arnell
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