Paul Schneiderman Restraining Order

The only way to prove to Mr. Schneiderman that there is no restraining order preventing anyone from attending his CMEN bathhouse-style, gay nude pool parties in Cathedral City, California, is to publish this unrestrained blog.  There should be a restraining order forcing Mr. Schneiderman to redesign and repair the broken steps on his dangerously defective Jacuzzi.  This investigation has recently discovered these fascinating photographs of a recent cruise With Paul.

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Cruise With Paul | Reviews

Jeffrey Cowan has commented that Mr. Scheiderman often does not deliver on his promises in his cruise packages.  Breach of contract was the implied meaning by Mr. Cowan.  This investigation into John Herriot is due in large part to Jeffrey Cowan’s constant insistence that there is a non-existent restraining order. 

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There is No Restraining Order

The only reason that this trafficking investigation no longer attends Mr. Scheiderman’s pool parties is because no investigators currently reside in the desert.  The CMEN pool party of July 4, 2018 did not seem like a desirable destination from the comforting marine belt of Los Angeles County.   The purpose of this blog is to inform Mr. Schneiderman that there are no restraining orders preventing anyone from attending his gay nude pool parties at his residence on Valencia Street.  I just don’t feel like going. 

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CMEN Pool Party Review| Not a Good Deal

The Schneiderman CMEN pool parties are no longer a good value for the money.  When you could sleep over it was a good deal.  Now that Schneiderman rents his guest room to Scott the fun went out of the party.  Plus the CMEN parties do not open the doors until noon and they close at 5:00 p.m.  It is a better deal to just pay $25.00 to go to a real outdoor bathhouse in Palm Springs.  Schneiderman’s pool parties are designed to sell his gay cruises to socially repulsive characters like Jeffrey Cowan.  CMEN is for creeps.  The image of Schneiderman blissfully floating in his pool with another man’s foot in his mouth is emblazoned in my mind.  

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Even though I no longer live in the desert I still want to keep my connection clean, clear and open.  The desert is where God told me to stay out of gay bathhouses.  The desert is where I became celibate in the Spring of 2016.  Except for a few weeks in 2018 I am chaste once again.  The thought of CMEN-style gay life becomes more distasteful by the hour.  Tour operators like Paul Schneiderman are typical gay hypocrites.  Schneiderman is a creep on anti-depressants with a foot fetish.  He has no room to create lies and oppression for other gay men living in the desert.  Iife is hard enough in the desert without Paul Schneiderman and Jeffrey Cowan mucking things up.  My advice is to stay away from these creeps, they are just going to complain about you.  

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