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Creating New Trafficking Examples to Add to the Detective’s List

The Examples of Incidents Which May Involve Human Trafficking on Page 34 of Mr. Cantrell’s Detective Guide lists crimes involving immigrant children leading to prostitution. This article adds: Financial exploitation of parents by school teacher and registered child sex trafficker John Herriot to that list. 

School Teacher As Trafficker

Herriot was indicted in 1985 on five counts of importing youngsters from Mexico for immoral purposes. After securing his parents Palo Alto home as bail he was in the process of posting bail when the government’s appealed his bail.

Herriot, 33, is a well traveled California native from the Bay Area where his father was a computer professor at Stanford University in Palo Alto. Herriot was awaiting trial in state court on similar molestation charges involving five latino boys when he tried to post bail using his parent’s home as security.  Authorities said Herriot was suspected of molesting at least 15 youths, including two boys he earlier brought from orphanages in Guatemala and El Salvador. Karlin said the boys involved in the federal case were taken from their poverty-stricken mothers in August of 1983 after Herriot convinced them he would adopt and educate the children in the United States. 

Karlin said Herriot taught at the Our Lady of Soledad school in East Los Angeles until his arrest last summer on the state charges. He was freed on $150,000 bail in that case. She said he often took his Scout troops and teams on weekend outings, during which he allegedly molested the youths.

Does Massage Teacher Violate Megan’s Law?

Herriot operates a private gay and bisexual naturist men’s club called California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN). CMEN conducts what Herriot calls “massage events” in which he gives instructions and directions for nude erotic massage often ending in sexual climax. CMEN is John Herriot’s private reality in which he surrounds himself with a group in order to give himself credibility. Groups such as CMEN can be monitored and investigated to ensure the safety of children in the communities where CMEN conducts its events, all of which require mandatory nudity. 

Leather Teacher as Groomer for Possible Trafficking

Two years ago at a CMEN Gathering planning meeting, member Rick Boehle proposed workshops to instruct twelve year old boys in the non-sexual aspects of gay leather fetish. CMEN has a nudist gathering in Malibu every year and the workshop schedule may or may not include teaching homosexual culture to prepubescent boys. The mandatory nudity of CMEN presents many questions about Mr. Boehle’s curriculum. 

Boy Scout Leader & Baseball Coach as Registered Trafficker

Prosecutors have said that Herriot, using the name John Harris, worked as a Boy Scout leader and baseball coach at schools in underprivileged areas of Los Angeles and El Paso, Texas, where he formerly lived.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.