Science of Mind Was A Good Introduction to Meditation

Leaving Science of Mind For True Spiritual Practice

2008 was a big year in my meditation life because I finally began to leave the mind behind and live in the spirit.  Ten years ago Dharma dog and I pulled up stakes and moved our 36′ RV from Malibu to Playa del Rey to be near Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California.   Agape’s spiritual roots are the same as mine: Science of Mind as taught by the late great David Walker.   Agape also exposed me to The Infinite Way as taught by the mystic and writer Joel. S. Goldsmith.  Science of Mind was my introduction to New Thought and The Infinite Way is the path I follow today.  – I and the Father are one

i and the father are one

Spiritual Things Are Spiritually Discerned

The mind is just another part of the body.  Worthy of study and maintenance definitely.  But the mind is just meat and murder compared to the sweet cosmic bliss of spirit.  Spiritual life is solitary life.  Sitting here on Sunday reflecting on the spiritual community of Agape, I am not motivated to drive the 33 miles and make a physical appearance.  When I lived right down the street at the Westchester Hotel I walked to Agape a few times, but then lost my motivation.   God consciousness does not require community.  In fact, community can actually deter me from Christ consciousness.  If I am socially satisfied I may not feel a need for spiritual grace. If I am a rockstar at my church or AA meeting I may not have time for my own spiritual unfoldment.


Personal spiritual practice is called sadhana.  Today I am returning to the bliss of my solitary naked yoga practice in the privacy of my little apartment.  Thank God I have hatha yoga.  The only thing I do not have is coffee that stays hot for as long as it takes to write a blog.  Now I have to get up and reheat my cup of coffee.  If feels good to be blogging again after taking a week off. 

gay sex education

Science of Voluntary Celibacy

After three weeks of sexually active gay life I am going back into my chaste lifestyle.  No more for me.  If the Universe provides divine communion then I shall partake.  Otherwise I am back to voluntary celibacy.