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FACT CHECK: Is “TOAST MASTER” the 34th Masonic Degree?

34th degree scottish rite freemasonry and toastmasters
What comes after the 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry?

Freemasonry and Toastmasters have no relationship to each other except for toasting.

Is the advanced degree of “Grand Master Toaster” in the Toastmasters International speaking fraternity an advanced degree in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry? No. Absolutely not. The degrees in Toastmasters are not related to advanced degrees in Masonry. The reason people sometimes make this erroneous assumption is because Freemasonry and Toastmasters both rely heavily upon toasting in their respective rituals. If you belong to one of the many different appendant bodies to Freemasonry then you may wish to also consider joining the Toastmasters International fraternity because then you will become a much better toaster. Good toasters make good Masons!

freemasonry and toastmasters

Many Masons Master Toasting

Not all Toastmasters are Master Masons, but all Master Masons are master toasters. That is because toasting is much more prevalent in Masonic rituals than it is in Toastmaster rituals. Freemasons have specialized toasting rituals using real alcohol called “festive boards”. (See, below). Toastmasters is a bit of a misnomer because there is no toasting per se at your typical Toastmaster meeting. In the Toastmaster speaking fraternity the word Toastmaster is employed in a symbolic and metaphorical context in much the same way that the word Mason in Freemasonry has both a literal and a symbolic meaning. Not all Masons are operative Masons but all Masons are speculative Masons. Most Masons master toasting because toasting is important to Masonry.

Alcohol makes everything seem important

Masonic drinking rituals are called festive boards. “Boards” become new packaging techniques for good old fashioned hard drinking. A board is a table laid out with alcohol and snacks for the purposes of endless toasting. Endless toasting makes everything fun and enjoyable. When I was young I discovered that alcohol made everything more interesting. The trite shallowness of socializing in a group setting can become much more intellectually stimulating when everyone is drinking alcohol. Everything becomes interesting and hilarious when intoxicated!

I toast alone

The tedious practice of producing novel fiction and screenplays is even more fun and interesting when you are drinking. That’s why writers make excellent alcoholics. After a while I just preferred to toast alone while I was home alone writing songs on my guitar. Living the solitary life of the writer becomes fun and funny when toasting to your own creations.

Charles Bukowski (1920-1994)
Master alcoholic writer