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EDITORS NOTE:  The blogs were written during the 2017 – 2018 season that I was living in my van while frugally living on my retirement savings.  

This Christmas season I have reclaimed my energy by not checking out every well adorned woman on the street. I feel like a different man. I am happier and actually enjoying women more by looking at them less. The bright red lip gloss, perfectly ripped jeans and little black booties are fun for me to look at but that just sucks up too much of my time and energy.

promiscuous healing

What if every chick was having as much sex as it looks like she is having? Sometimes I feel relieved when I see that rare woman in a long dress. I am inspiring myself to become more refined and sophisticated in my dress and demeanor this season.

White energy

Season Pass

I have resolved to take five Kundalini yoga classes per week by adding a Sunday morning class this holiday season. I came back to LA for yoga, I’m paying for monthly unlimited, so I need to maximize my return on investment and accomplish my goals.

felt experience

Seasonal Romance

It is so very tempting to go online and meet someone but I just don’t do it. It’s like I want to do it just because I’m experienced at it. When I work the singles scene I end up doing things like getting married in Mexico City and going to New York with doctors. So many people are looking to hook-up over Christmas that it is really easy to find a holiday romance. Sometimes it is easier to hook-up online than it is to find a blog topic.

Refinement and Sophistication

Lately I have toned down my persona on the life stage. I don’t have the same manic energy to be the old me. I am retiring from center stage. I’ll be manic in this blog and barely there in public. Mania Incognito.

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