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Have you obtained advanced degrees in the coastal elitist Secret Ambassador Lodge? By the Grace of God I am also gifted with the double lock of our 24/7 security gate and private security guards. Thank you to all of my first responders bringing me my food and taking out my trash. I would be dead without you.

For the past twelve years my life has been like a Franz Kafka novel come to life. My desperate career as a paralegal in Los Angeles is measured out in so many layers upon layers of deception that I am not exactly sure when and where it all began. Slowly but surely the answers to my questions are coming to me almost as if I am waking up from a dream. I would email Bro. Domino and ask him: “Hey what ever happened to your little Ambassador Club?”, but it would not yield as much truth as simply meditating upon the complicated and convoluted events that happened so many years ago. I am just dying to ask Mike: “What ever happened to that wild kid with his crazy story about his house getting raided by the FBI and roommate getting arrested for gold scams? Did that kid ever become a Freemason or was he just a decoy?” But you would never answer me honestly. You would either lie, feign ignorance, or say that the Ambassador Club is controlled by someone above your pay grade. That’s okay, it all eventually comes out in the end.

Twelve years ago I was hoodwinked by Wor. Mike Domino and an huge cast of characters into wasting my time and energy trying to locate the so-called Ambassador Club. The Brethren must have had a good laugh at my expense as I drove all over Los Angeles on their wild goose chase. They even had me driving from the beach into downtown L.A. on a Friday evening, paying for expensive parking, and looking for their ambassador organization in locked sky scrapers. There I was standing in the bright summer sun babbling to security guards with questions about non-existent suite numbers for the fucking Ambassador Club. What the hell did you get from that other than wasting a lot of my time and a little of your time? Were you hoping I would get mugged downtown or have a fatal accident on the busy 10 Freeway?

Then at that amazing house in the canyon you possibly put me in harm’s way when you tried to get me in bed with your young undercover operatives by using the retailing of gold as bait. The immensity of your undercover operation is mind blowing. You scared me into a heart attack merely by the size of the vast resources you deployed against me. Good God you could have had me rehabilitated with the money you spent instead of paying all of those professionals to try and destroy me.

That hot August night outside my apartment in Larchmont you scared me to death with your big black SUV assault vehicles and your agent who was probably a psychologist and an undercover police officer. Soon after that I broke out in shingles. Who was your elderly female agent with the tattoo who laughed at me outside Carine Kowatch’s “insurance” office in Torrance? I won’t rest until I find out who she is also:

david doans ci's carine kowatch paul merritt christiansen
C.I.’s Carine “Kojak” Kowatch and Paul “Columbo” Christiansen and unidentified female agent at a briefing for their entrapment operation against me

Why Write This Now, Decades Later?

It will take decades to figure all of this out because it is happening to this day. I still get emails requesting legal services. The Brethren have recently installed security cameras outside my apartment. As I watch Forensic Files and Medical Detectives brainstorms come to me about David R. Doan and Mike Domino.

The shock of remembering it all reinvigorates me as if this all just happened yesterday. Memories of Mike Domino and the Ambassador Club color my dreams at night. When I am working out in the morning I often notice a cool red Cadillac parked near the construction site. Last night I dreamed that the Caddy was gold and so when I walked by it this morning I was laughing! Laying in bed the other day while pondering the words of Bro. J.LW. which have been rattling around inside my head for twelve years it just now came to me! One night in the wolf’s lair I was voicing my frustration at being burned out by the load of learning Masonic ritual, earning a living as a legal document assistant, and driving around on a fruitless and possibly dangerous scavenger hunt at the behest of Bro. Mike Domino and the Ambassador Club. Br. J. said to me, “Don’t worry, the Ambassador Club will not be around much longer.”

ambassador club

Saved by the Pandemic Lockdown

After decades if this charade I have been saved by the sacred pandemic lock down 2020. Now I have 2020 vision. It has taken months of concentrated focus to figure out all of the clandestine activity in my life. The charade continues to this day as I continually receive email requesting paralegal services that I do not provide. Now I can see exactly is was going on. Bro. J.L.W. the Ellery Queen mystery writer plays a large part in creating the back story. Are you a member of the Secret Ambassadors Club?

Are you a member of the secret ambassadors club?
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