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Death cab for smarty pants

High social status is not an exemption from laws regarding seat belts.

Nobel prize winning mathematician John Nash, Jr. with his self-proclaimed high social status was not exempt from either the laws of physics or the laws of the state related to traffic safety on the New Jersey Turnpike. Nash had just returned from Sweden where he had won the Abel Prize, the most prestigious honor in the field of mathematics, whereupon he discovered that the laws apply to elitists as well as commoners.

Nash used his intellect to secure an earlier flight home for Sweden, arriving in New York at 2pm instead 7pm as scheduled. His limousine service was booked to pick him up at La Guardia at 7pm and so when he arrived on his earlier flight, the limo service could not accommodate him until his reservation time of 7pm.

Using his vast intellect and important social status, Nash decided that he was above waiting around an airport with the commoners and so he and his wife hopped in a yellow cab with a cab driver who had only been on the job for two weeks. On the New Jersey turnpike, the cabbie tried to maneuver around an ice cream truck and lost control of the cab causing it to crash into a guard rail. Nash, 86, and his wife Alicia, 82 were not wearing their seatbelts and so they were ejected from the back seat of the cab and out through the rear window by the law of physics and both killed upon impact. Apparently they believed that their elite social status did not require them to obey traffic safety laws.

John and Alicia Nash

In A Beautiful Mind, the Hollywood white washed story of his life, one important detail of Mr. Nash’s sordid life was glaringly omitted. When he was a young man John Nash fathered a son, abandoned the mother of his child and never had anything to do with them because he considered her to be of an interior social class.

FROM THE GUARDIAN: “The sludge of the day is that the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Nash – portrayed by Crowe in A Beautiful Mind as a cuddly, unworldly, lovable nerd – has a dark side. He has been guilty of “Jew bashing” (Drudge’s blunt phrase). Then, while serving in 1954 with the cold war think-tank the Rand Corporation, Nash was arrested doing a full-George Michael in a Santa Monica public lavatory. He was dismissed as a security risk.

Soon afterwards, Nash had an illegitimate child, John, by a woman whom he declined to marry, supposedly on the grounds that she was beneath him socially. Supposedly, Nash’s father died from the shame of it all. Shortly after John Jr’s birth, Nash married one of his ex-students, the appropriately upper-crust Alicia Larde, by whom he had another son whom he also named John: John Jr 2.” – John Sutherland – The Guardian – March 18, 2002

The law applies to every social class

If you are the kind of person who claims to be of a member of the elite, remember that your self-proclaimed elite social status is not exempt from the laws of physics, the laws of the state or spiritual law. So buckle up smarty pants!

John Nash death scene

If its not happening, that means that its not happening unless you rise about your social class

I just got my karma handed to me big style for writing this blog. I have never been in the Jacuzzi in my new building and I really needed to try it out due to my workout soreness in my legs and shoulders. This morning at 9:10 I went up to use the Jacuzzi in because my calves are sore from running on the beach yesterday. The Jacuzzi is supposed to open at 9:00am on Saturday however it was not open even after I gave it a few minutes. So I called security and asked them to open it for me and please call me when the pool area had been opened. I wrote this blog while waiting. Then when I went up at 10:00am a maintenance worker was hosing off the pool area.

As I walked up to the Jacuzzi he started hosing near said Jacuzzi and asked me if I wanted to use it. I responded in the affirmative and he said something like, “just give me a minute” as he tried to stretch his hose, which was too short for the job as he straightened out a kink in his hose. His hose was much too short for the Jacuzzi and I could see that after he attempted to hose of the Jacuzzi he was going to go all around the adjacent area with a tool to small for the job. He had another half hour of half assed job performance to go before the area I wanted to use would be free and clear.

The bottom line is, if it is not happening, don’t do it. I have lived in apartments long enough to know that if the Jacuzzi is not happening, that means that it is just not happening so forget about it and move on with your Saturday morning. My social status not exempt from laws of apartments.

So will I go without hydrotherapy for my brilliantly worked out body due to my self-proclaimed yogi status? No, like the complete and total fucking asshole that I am, after I finish typing this, I will idiotically go up and try to get in a Jacuzzi before the social class that rises late arrives. At my last apartment complex, I got in big trouble for trying to use the Jacuzzi and as a result, they would not renew my lease. So I had to move into the Masonic Home for the Elderly, right before the pandemic. What a fortuitous act of God. Sometimes my elevated spiritual status means that I have to humbly wait just like everybody else.

I was right, it is just not happening

Sure enough, on my third attempt to use my Jacuzzi, there were children playing, yelling and screaming in the pool yard. If its not happening, that means that it is just not happening. Move on with my Saturday morning. Do something else. Soak my sore muscles in my bathtub. Nobody can fuck with me in my own bath tub.

I ignored the Asian cell phone mom and her kids and used my Jacuzzi anyway!

After I started my rice cooker I just couldn’t stay away from that Jacuzzi and pool yard full of Korean kids. So ignoring the fact that my while male social status is not exempt from the laws of the Asians who hold themselves out to be superior, I went into the Jacuzzi anyway. The Asian mom was sitting in the shade right next to the Jacuzzi, yammering on her cell phone. When I went into the Jacuzzi she shot me that typical Asian dirty look proclaiming her social superiority but I went in anyway. Here ten year old daughter ran around the Jacuzzi trying to get a reaction our of me. As I positioned my body to take full advantage of the strongest hydro therapy jets the little nipper girl even quickly sat in the Jacuzzi and gave me a look that said: “I dare you to say something.” Being an expert in these matters I said absolutely nothing. I gave myself expert hydrotherapy and kept my mouth shut the whole time the mom was yelling at her kids while she was sitting a few feet from me. I win, you lose. My silent yogi status trumps your self-proclaimed Asian social status. As she was screaming that the kids had to leave in ten minutes, I slowly got up and grabbed my towel and left, thereby saving myself for the loudest part of the situation which would have been her screaming at the kids for a half hour to get out of the pool. As I stated this was my first foray into the Jacuzzi and it wasn’t even that hot. I can get better hydro therapy from my high velocity Waterpik shower head in my bathtub.

asian social status not exempt from laws allowing me to use the jacuzzi

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.