Get Ready For Freddie

MEDITATION | Finding Out Who You Really Are

The purpose of going to a 12 Step Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is to find God. The reason that the alcohol needs God is to find out what you are really like. The 12 Steps transform my character by forming a working relationship with God to see what I am really like. The reason that I as an alcoholic need God in my life is so that when I finally see what I am really like I will be able to handle it. Sometimes when people get sober they come face to face with their selfism and can’t handle it. When the Primetime Alcoholic sees what he is really like we say: “Get ready for Freddie!” This means get ready for the “Nightmare On Your Street” with Freddie Krueger from “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

selfism portrait

Selfism: The Defining Characteristic of Alcoholism

The disease of alcoholism could also be called the emotional disease of selfism. In order to conduct yourself as a person who excessively drinks alcohol you must be a very selfish person. It is also important to be a narcissist if you want to be someone who drinks everyday. More specifically, reinventing yourself as a bisexual alcoholic narcissist is the epitome of selfism.

Autistic Thinking

Autistic thinking is an extreme example of the self-centered thinking of the mentally ill alcoholic person. Aut = self, ism = state or orientation. The autism spectrum is very broad.

Autistic thinking
Autistic thinking is a term used to refer to thinking not in accordance with consensus reality that emphasizes preoccupation with inner experience. See also #Dereistic thinking. More generally, it means thinking that is guided by internal wishes and desires regardless of external real-world factors.[

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New Character

Primetime AA teaches the importance of developing a new character. The way to creating a new character is to zero out into God consciousness. Meditating into spiritual consciousness clears the way to developing new character. The new character is created without reference to the old alcoholic character. The bad news is that this takes years of hard work meditating. At first, meditation does not provide the same instantaneous relief as narcissism. It takes a minimum of eight years of daily meditation to authentically get inside yourself and find God.

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