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Look the Part


Seduce the world with your sensuality because that is what people want these days. When I walk around the real world I look as sensual as I feel. When I walk up to a table of women over the age of sixty and say “Hello everyone,” the whole table lights up at my presence. Good health is the foundation of authentic sensuality and sexuality.

authentic sensualitySissies Should Be Sensual

There ought a be a law that any man wearing women’s clothes in public must be attractive. There is an Amazonian drag queen at my lunch time watering hole in the desert. She is over six feet tall and fiercely atrocious. Yesterday she stood a few feet from my chair and eighty year ¬†old men were bashing into me to get away from her.

Gay men should practice better public etiquette. I am a girl but I don’t make a big deal about it in public. My authentic femininity comes out in the bedroom. I am a man who likes to have sex with other masculine men and desert drag queens seem like they need my sensuality expertise.

There is a way to be androgynous and there is a way to be sad and pathetic. A man can wear nice clothes and be sensual or he can be a thrift store parody of authentic femininity. Authentic femininity is to receive the unconditional love and forgiveness of spiritual energy. If you are going to wear women’s clothing in public then you should work out and make your body healthy. My body is so healthy and androgynous that I don’t need clothes because my skinny brown body embodies raw sensuality.

gay disconnectGay or Just Disconnected?

Many so called “gay” men do not exude sensuality. Many men with very poor social skills insert themselves into the gay lifestyle and homosexual brand because they just don’t have any other place to go. For men like my landlord, if it wasn’t for gay he would not have a social life. My landlord is going to have a gay men of Desert Hot Springs gathering over at our villa in September 2016. Many men have created gay men’s gatherings as both a social and a sexual venue. These non-sexual gay men are lucky I let them be around me.

Extreme Latino Sensualitysensual latino gay foreplay

Susie Q hit me right on when she said that I am not gay or straight, I am just a Caucasian Latino practicing extreme sensuality. I was initiated into professional homosexuality by a Latino and his extreme sensuality. If you are going to experience the joy of being an androgynous bisexual bottom then find a masculine Mexican top to teach you about love. That’s what I did. Mine was a Cubano. He taught me about love and he taught me about my Latino sensuality.