SERENITY: No Woman No Cry

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How do you like my new home page background image? I call it: Serenity. Detachment. Silent bliss of gratitude. No woman no cry.  Thank God I can finally handle women. Women are tough. Women civilize us. Women educate me in the social graces. Without women we would all be running around crazy fucking our brains out.

Now that I have available women, a showplace rental home and lots of time, I shudder at the thought of spending quality time with a woman. My friends tell me about how much emotional work it is having a girlfriend and I don’t really see myself ever doing it again. This is just for me. This is my blog where I work it all out.  

serenity sisterShoshanna

When I first hit the senior center a seventy year old vixen named Shoshanna jumped on me in an interrogative manner: “Are you straight or gay?” I identified as bisexual and she said I was confused. These were our first two sentences together as man and woman.

Yesterday she asked me if my condo had a pool. I said yes we have two private pools, do you have a pool? Yes she responded. Then I queried: Do you go out to your pool? (It is currently 118 degrees here in P.S.) “No” she replied: “I don’t like to go out there alone.” Then Shoshanna went into one of her little psycho drifts about seven foot tall black men jumping the fence.

What I need to tell all of these desert women is that if you want to hang out with a cool guy then you have to be the kind of person that men like to hang out with. I already told them this about our little buddy Lois. Lois has out lasted three husbands, drives a Lexus sport coupe and has a condo in the nice part of P.S. Lois is the kind of woman that men like to be with. I would rather be alone that put up with anyone who is not totally into me.

serenity sister Serenity is Mandatory

Serenity is mandatory if you want to hang out with me. I have to be a little nicer to Jeffrey my landlord when he is here August 11th for his six days a month he is here. I have been avoiding him because he tells people that all men are attracted to him. Many gay men need an excuse to put down other gay men and Jeffrey likes to talk shit about other men. When I told Jeffrey I was into women he sucker punched me. I avoid him but he is subsidizing my life to the sum of approximately $1,500 per month.  

When he left for Europe two weeks ago I noticed that he put the one gallon bottle of Downy fabric softener in his closet. Jeffrey is a Costco freak and I am spoiled on all of his name brand products that he supplies me with. I told him I need a man to subsidize my life and he rants about how he pays for his son but I don’t see it. Jeffrey is having a gathering over here in September so it will be a good chance to fix this place up and have some fun with quality emotional and spiritual engagement with interesting people. I don’t need people to be beautiful, I need them to be spiritual, kind and loving.

emotional needsNeeds

When Jeffrey is here in a few weeks I will tell him how I feel. (I don’t like you but I’ll hang out with you if you pay me!). He has already seen how I don’t hang out at any of the creepy CMEN events where I met him. I am a spoiled little bitch and I have been really good for a year now. I need to lubricate Jeffrey with some sensual vibe to socially and financially lubricate him. I wonder if he reads this shit I write here?

bipolar scream munch Jeffrey has been trying to use me for emotional support that he does not deserve. Jeffrey is not a sexual person. He is like a lot of men that hang out at gay events because it is the only way he can get any human affection. He is not going to get anymore from me until I get what I want in the way of high quality desert living. I want more of what I already have. God gave me everything I need. I have my serenity villa. I just need Jeffrey to keep supplying the name brand household products like the Downy he put in the master bedroom closet for some reason that may be my lack of affection towards him. I will get a handle on it with God leading the way. Creating all the copy for paintings such as The Scream by Edvard Munch is leveraging the power of the image on this website. Contextualizing these images into my life is easy. The search engines need a way to index the icons of civilization and I need a way to optimize this website. We are in a serene and symbiotic relationship with each other in cosmic consciousness. 



By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.