My Kevin Spacey Type Experience

When I was seventeen years old I was seduced by a twenty-three year-old man

When I was seventeen years old I came to a sexual crossroads on the streets of the San Fernando Valley. I was a college freshman hitchhiking home to Tujunga, California from CSUN. It was the 1970’s and I didn’t realize it but I was a country bumpkin on my way to an advanced homosexual education.

A twenty-three year-old Latin busboy picked me up in his Camaro and seduced me at his house in Van Nuys. For the first time in my life I finally had sex with an adult. Sex with an experienced and aggressive homosexual was an emotionally stressful and yet also rewarding very sexual experience. It was my potential jumping off point.

This intense homosexual experience thrust me into making a decision that would determine if I was going to be gay or straight. My latin lover wanted to make me his boyfriend. It was very difficult to say no to him but I tearfully declined. I told him that I wanted a girlfriend. It was my Kevin Spacey moment. I ended up bisexual.


I Wish More Women Had Kevin Spacey Aggressiveness When I Was Seventeen Years Old

As a young bisexual adult I was very sexually submissive on the gay scene and willingly put myself in the path of aggressive Kevin Spacey type men. I didn’t want to waste time. I wanted Kevin Spacey to be my sex education teacher. I met my sexual mentor Dr. Paul Allen, obgyn because I wanted a tantric sex education. The cross-platform skills I learned from Dr. Allen work with both men and women.

Sex Education: Vaginal Anatomy

Be My Sex Education Teacher

Camile Paglia writes that pornography is an excellent source of sex education and this writer agrees. Plus this is probably the only way I will continue to learn about women. Women do not stop on the street and seduce me like men do. I wish that women were as sexually aggressive as Kevin Spacey. If women were as sexually aggressive as Kevin Spacey I probably would have had a lot less gay sex.

Only go to the top of the shaft and not over the sensitive head as demonstrated here

Proper Hand Technique on Ejaculating Penis – Don’t Touch The Head

When a penis is ejaculating don’t rub the head. Do what this excellent lover is doing. Only hold the shaft of the penis and don’t go up too high when he is ejaculating because the head is too sensitive. If you are going to be so bold as to have sex with me you need to learn what you are doing. It takes a long time to learn how to get fucked up your ass right.