Because the life of crime led by John Herriot never ends.

The crimes of John Herriot just never end. To wit, In 2010, when Mr. Herriot moved from 920 N. Kings Road in West Hollywood, he failed to change his address with the proper law enforcement authorities as required by law. When child sex offenders move or change their address, the change must be properly indicated on Megan’s Law and the state of Tennessee Sex Offender Registry. In 2010, using his illicit funds obtained from child sex trafficking, Herriot purchased a condominium at 7309 Franklin Avenue, Unit 105, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

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Prior to learning that he is a registered sex offender, I kind of liked Mr. Herriot and his annual CMEN West Coast Gathering in the hills of Malibu. It was really sad when the lifelong crimes of John Herriot killed gay Labor Day at Camp Shalom Malibu. It was as if Labor Day itself died because of Herriot. The CMEN Annual West Coast Gathering in Malibu used to be one of my favorite events of the year. I am wistful just thinking about those fun filled Labor Days of yore on this lonely Delta surge Labor Day 2021. Every year I would select the expanded gathering and stay until the Tuesday after Labor Day. It was a mystical experience to have Camp Shalom all to myself for a day. My meditation practice expanded exponentially in the thundering silence. It seems like Camp Shalom burned to the ground because of Herriot’s bad karma.

If John Karl Herriot had not of defied the laws of man and the laws of God I might be at Camp Shalom Malibu on this Labor Day 2021. But no, the cosmic crimes of John Herriot caused his downfall and that of CMEN’s Annual West Coast Gathering on Labor Day, and that of Camp Shalom Malibu itself. It was as if the creator of the universe unleashed waves of plagues upon CMEN in Malibu.

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Five years and four plagues:

First there was the devastating public exposure of the child sex crimes of John Herriot in 2016. Second, three years later in 2018 the Woolsey fire caused the total destruction of Camp Shalom. Third and finally the coronavirus pandemic cancelled both the 2020 and 2021 West Coast Gatherings in the San Bernardino mountains. Quadruple whammy end of a great gay Labor Day in L.A.

Plague 1: 2016 Exposure as Child Sex Offender

The beginning of the end was in 2016. John was misinforming the Palm Springs community that there was a “restraining order” against me. There never was any such order. But John kept insisting that there was and he was making my life miserable. One day when beginning criminal Jeff Cowan was insinuating that there was a restraining order I decided that I had had enough.

So I do a basic Google search of my tormentors and discover the crimes of John Herriot. Mr. Herriot is a registered sexual offender of boys under the age of 14 years. Three days after Trump won the 2016 election I began exposing the crimes of John Herriot. Mr. Herriot lost a lot of followers after I outed him as a child sex offender.

Plague 2: 2018 Woolsey fire burns Malibu gathering location at Camp Shalom

Then in 2018 the location of CMEN’s flagship event, Camp Shalom, burned down in the Woolsey Fire. So Herriot relocated his CMEN gathering to the San Bernardino mountains. Nothing will ever be as good as Camp Shalom Malibu. In 2020 the corona virus forced the cancellation of the San Bernardino gathering.

Plague 3: 2020 COVID-19 Total Shutdown of San Bernardino Gathering

In 2020 the gathering was knocked totally out by COVID-19.

john herriot restraining order
John Herriot Restraining Order. John keeps spreading lies about a non-existent order against me so I issued my own restraining order against him
Plague 4: 2021 Delta Surge Shutdown of San Bernardino Gathering

The CMEN web page states that this years 2021 San Bernardino gathering was “full”. Somehow I doubt that. It appears that the cosmic karma of the crimes of John Herriot has come into play by taking his once thriving Malibu Gathering and destroying it.

In 2021 the Delta variant was taking off at the same time as the gathering in San Bernardino. It is doubtful that very many men would have attended this type of gathering during the Delta surge. John Herriot’s crime karma has caught up to him. The sad part is end of the Labor Day gatherings in Malibu. They were a really good deal for the money. The writing is on the wall for Mr. Herriot’s gatherings, those days are over. John should just give up on his gatherings.

So there you have my little story about how the crimes of John Herriot killed Labor Day.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean over educated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.