Herriot registration address non-compliance began on 3/19/2010

Herriot’s sex offender registration was in non-compliance when he violated my civil rights.

John Herriot inflicted a great injustice upon me in order to take the heat off of himself. Herriot disseminated lies that there was some type of unwritten restraining order prohibiting me from breathing air. Since Mr. Herriot places such great emphasis on private citizen oversight of the legal compliance of other private citizens, it is time to repay the public service. Herriot’s Kings Road sex offender registration address on Megan’s Law and the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry is wrong. All the while that Herriot was intentionally making my life difficult, he was living high on the hog in his gay nudist holler in Hohenwald and his condo in Boy’s Town, California.

Herriot’s existence is a lie

Herriot lies and says he lives in a rent controlled apartment in West Hollywood. John dresses in rags to present his false image of poverty. He orders the smallest, cheapest item on the menu at Community of Men Enjoying Naturism outings. Mr. Herriot wants to conceal the fact that he is making so much money from CMEN events, selling youth league baseball uniforms and sex trafficking of minors that he purchased a $400,000 condominium in 2010.

herriot tennessee sex offender registration address out of date

Herriot is in obvious non-compliance with the law on several points of law. The law clearly states that sex offenders must keep their addresses current with law enforcement agencies. Herriot’s primary residence address is no longer on Kings Road. Since 2010 convicted pedophile John Herriot has resided in the condominium he owns located at 7309 Franklin Avenue, Unit 105, Los Angeles, California 90046. This legal information needs to be universally updated in Herriot’s nationwide criminal file.

Oversight of Herriot is Required

The lies and deception of Mr. Herriot must be somehow held in check. I need to get Herriot to stop spreading misrepresentations that there is an unwritten restraining order against me. That is the purpose of this blog. These blogs are intentionally unrestrained to drive home the point. LegalNoodle is conducting legal oversight of the criminal endeavors of convicted sex offender of boys under the age of 14, J.K. Herriot. Herriot makes his living be selling youth league baseball uniforms and sex trafficking of minors. John Herriot also created and leads a gay naturism organization he now calls Community of Men Enjoying Naturism. Until his bad karma caught up with him, Herriot made a good income from his West Coast Gatherings in Angelus Oaks, California.

CMEN is subterfuge by Herriot to try and make everyone believe that he is bisexual. Herriot is not bisexual, he is an infantile pedophile. You can see it and feel it in John’s sleazy presence. John’s voice is childlike and he has difficulty grooming and properly dressing himself. Herriot is obviously aberrated but the real problem is that John Herriot is a danger to himself and others. Herriot’s CPA Jeff Cowan even stole my car and laptop computer based upon the body of lies created by John Karl Herriot.

Herriot’s Body of Lies

Beginning in 2015, and continuing to this date, John Herriot and Charles Kenyon, Jr. started disseminating the misrepresentation that there was an unwritten nationwide restraining order prohibiting me from attending the CMEN West Coast Gathering 2015. At the same time, Herriot was concealing the fact that he was a registered child sex offender. Not only that, Herriot had not established his sex offender registration with the state of Tennessee until this blog forced compliance. John Herriot was concealing all of this from the gay community of men enjoying naturism. Herriot was even concealing his true address from CMEN and the law. The purpose of this blog is to investigate what other crimes John Herriot is concealing.

What goes on at 7309 Franklin Avenue?

Why doesn’t John obey the law by listing the condominium he purchased on Franklin? Herriot’s primary residence address on Megan’s Law and the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry is 920 N. Kings Road. Herriot no longer maintains a residence at the apartment on Kings Road. Something is not right here and I aim to find out what it is.

crimes of john herriot failed change current address 7309 franklin
Herriot’s hypocrisy is dangerous to the community

All the while that Herriot was claiming that there was a legal issue in my life, he himself was the one with the legal issues. When Herriot pointed his finger at me he had three fingers pointing back at himself. Yesterday when my investigation uncovered his failure to properly list his address it made me get angry at Herriot all over again. The important thing is for me to not form a resentment by holding it in and ruminating about it.

My solution is to force Herriot into compliance with the law. That is why I am processing my criminal investigation of Herriot in these public blogs. John Herriot is a career criminal who has violated my civil rights and my property rights. The world needs to be aware of this dangerous individual. You or your children could be Herriot’s next victims unless I stop him.

herriot megans law sex offender registration address wrong
Herriot’s outdated sex offender registration address on

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.