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Total Community Degradation From The Swamps of Tennessee to the Beaches of Malibu

BANJO MUSIC AT WHISPERING OAKS, TN: The lies and deception of John Herriot have created a mean-spirited attitude in the gay resort mecca of Palm Springs, CA. It becomes difficult to discern who is who in the bisexual naturist community which has resulted in a zeitgeist of fear and distrust. This malaise permeates every aspect of existence in this war torn desert. Cpl. Hitler has promoted himself to general pedophile the pie-eyed piper. The purpose of this blog is to put a leash on violent criminal Herriot and his CMEN confederacy of dunces.

The Pied Piper of MalibuAn American Pedophile in Thailandjeffrey calvert voluntary megan's law registration

News broadcasts of desperate wide-eyed child refugees fleeing war torn Arabia,
Surreal images of that five year old Syrian kid washed-up for dead on a deserted beach,
Reading between the lines of so-called “gay” lifestyles the question emerges:
With friends like John Herriot, who needs genocidal fascist dictators?

Registered gay sexual predator John Herriot is a prime example of the degradation of man-to-man sex by some gay men. By deceptively inserting himself into the pansexual naturist community, John Herriot has degraded the entire community, not just the gay community or the naturist community. Herriot is a con man corrupting everything he touches from his disgusting fungus ribbon toenails to his fake nudist posturing in Tennessee. Federal and state statutes define John Herriot as a tier-one violent criminal. Violent criminal John Herriot and a conspiracy consisting mainly of Charles Kenyon, Jeffrey Calvert and Rick Boehle are attempting to deny basic civil rights to non-pedophile naturists in the community who oppose them. The purpose of this website is to stop these practicing pedophiles from continuing to harm communities in Malibu, Palm Springs, Yucca Valley and Hampshire, TN.   

Malibu Degradation

Herriot has corrupted the global gay experience with pitifully ridiculous camp drag shows at Camp Shalom Malibu. Herriot is the antithesis of the healthy Malibu nudist lifestyle. CMEN in Malibu is just out of place. If it looks like an illegal pedophile, talks like an illegal pedophile, and walks like an illegal pedophile, then it is probably John Karl Herriot of West Hollywood. The purse-lipped circus sideshow freaks mincing about in Halloween costumes at the Malibu Fall Gatherings are not real nudists. CMEN is just one big profit making, tax evading, unlicensed and uninsured business operated by gay criminals.degradation

Herriot’s brand of naturism just a smoke screen for his human trafficking. Naturism is not about dressing and accessorizing yourself as a caricature of sacred feminine sexuality or masculine leather fetish.  Wearing sexualized leather costumes is not naturism! Man-to-man sex should be a natural, healthy, masculine endeavor, free of adornment and toys.  For years I let my mind be open to what Herriot is preaching in CMEN. Now the wigs, dresses, leather, golden showers and other adolescent flavored summertime activities promoted by CMEN are disgusting, revolting and just wrong. John Herriot is a scheming, mini-van driving little league baseball uniform salesman preying upon twelve year-old Mexican boys by using his mini-van and fake baseball uniforms websites to deceive everyone.  

self degradationSelf-

The memory of Herriot convincing me to get up on stage one evening and do the Hokey Pokey to his scatalogical soundtrack really angers me now.  I sold out to a registered sex offender. Herriot made a sucker out of me. John Herriot is making a fool out of everyone in CMEN. I didn’t want to perform his childish skits but I did it to be a part of the SEMEN scene.  I hate myself for trying to fit into Herriot’s crime scene just to be naked in my beloved Malibu. I’m also really angry that John Herriot has video footage of me at these illegal sex parties. Although I really miss the sex. Thank God I only half-heartedly participated in the scheduled workshops and activities.

For me naturism in Malibu and the desert is nude yoga, hiking, swimming and meditating. Sex is always nude, Herriot perverts all of that. John Herriot is just a really bad influence on the entire community.

Even if you have never met John or Jeff and didn’t know anything about them, when you meet them for the first time your intuition says, something is obviously not right with these guys and I don’t trust them.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.