Sacred Intimacy

Respect for Sex Leads to Intimacy

What is sex to me? Sex is energy. Sex is lifeforce. Libido. Power. Creativity. Sexual activity is creativity. That is why you see so much creativity when you view the work of adult content creators such as sexfreehd; they have a real passion for sex The creativity to blast this pansexual blog off in record time. Naked coffee homosexual yoga blog. I am crazy with homosexuality. I wish women would fuck my brains out like men do. If women would get it together they could put a stop to the spread of world wide homosexuality.

Sex Is Women’s Work

I love women so much that I became a girl. Now men fuck me because they can’t get a girl and neither can I. The beauty is that I wouldn’t even want a girl now unless she was young. I get down on my knees and thank God that I went out of my way to live as a nudist heterosexual sharing emotional and sexual intimacy with heterosexual women. My lover the gynecologist cured me of my obsession with women’s clothing by giving me permission to wear a dress and heels. Now I am over that aberrated homosexuality. I am feeling clean and fresh just writing this thinking about how I have been relieved of my obsession to wear women’s clothing. I have never even talked about this with anyone and now here I am blogging it off to the entire world. I woke up and saw what I have been doing. My house is filled with creepy old Jewish homosexuals from Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. They are going to paid pool parties and Palm Springs residences. Cheap old fags. The gay nudist sex resorts are on a few dollars more than these parties.

God Is The Thing

Gay sex is okay but God is much more important. You become like who you hang out with. Do you want to become like God or do you want to become like a creepy old Jewish fag? I think the answer should be obvious. I don’t think the fact that I am getting a really good rental deal speaks for itself.

In Mexico the feminine partner feels respected because men treat you well when you are having sex there. Latin’s give love and emotional intimacy to sex.