Why Get Married If There is No Sex?

Sexless Marriage

If you are a man living in Southern California your wedding night could be the first night in your life that you go without sex. When I was a young man and older married men told me that they did not have sex with their wife I thought they were joking or lying. The idea of a sexless marriage was inconceivable to me as a twenty-one year old man. Now I am older and I know better. 

It is not a joke and it is not a lie. You who are about to be married will be subjected to a form of emotional abuse in the form of your wife’s outright denial of sex. Married gay people stop having sex after around twenty years because of boredom. Married straight people stop having sex around seven years because women do not like sex as much as men. Most importantly women learn how to use sex as a weapon. To me heterosexual is the same as no-sexual. 

Sexless Marriage in the Bedroom

sexless marriageWhen we had been married for seven years my wife decided that she no longer wanted to have sex with me or anyone else. My wife acted like she was making an incredible sacrifice and being unhumanly generous by “allowing” me to masturbate while laying next to her in bed.

My wife had a long list of demands and I had struggled valiantly to meet them all. I had quit drinking and was trying my best to be a more open and communicative spouse according to her criteria. My wife Veronica said that all I had to do was quit drinking and we could have sex. I stopped drinking and went back to AA. Veronica even went with me and met more of my old High School friends. I quit drinking but my wife still didn’t want to have sex and she wouldn’t even French kiss me.

no sexTrapped in a Sexless Marriage

One of the most interesting couples that ever broke up because of a sexless marriage is Keiko and Bob. Keiko gave Bob the idea to start a tax appeal business. Rich people file tax appeals that their house is no longer worth $10 million it is worth $8 million and so the county should reduce the tax liability. Bob made the business take off and they became millionaires. Then Keiko decided she no longer wanted sex and so Bob divorced her. They have two rock star kids in private prep school back east and they divorce over their sexless marriage. That says it all.

Escaping Sexless Marriage

If you are in a sexless marriage there is no amount of marriage counseling that will fix it. Your wife is using the withholding of marital sex as her power play. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.