The Science of Intimacy

Sexology is Creativity


Sexology is the clinical research and scientific study of topics such as sexual orientation and gender identity, sexual relationships and atypical sexual interests, as well as the sexualities of special groups, such as child sexuality, adolescent sexuality, sexuality among the elderly, fetish and homosexuality. The sexological study of pedophilia, is also included. The field also employs specific therapeutic models to help patients dealing with various issues, such as the PLISSIT model.

Sexological Bodywork

transformational loveSexological bodywork often employs a sexual surrogate as a therapeutic role model to develop intimacy, multi-orgasmic potential, and higher states of sexual consciousness. Sexology uses tantric breathing, eye-gazing and focused attention to foster deeply heartfelt erotic intimacy. Many sex surrogates, tantrikas and escorts are often certified sexological bodyworkers or at least familiar with the basics of being in the here and now. The key to sexual intimacy is to be fully present for your partner and/or yourself. The body mind is a separate universe to be sexually traversed by the intrepid erotic adventurer.

Shaving For Enhanced Intimacy

My own sexological training was so in-depth that I am still processing the lessons taught to me by my tantrika. Body shaving is absolutely necessary for a high degree of erotic intimacy.  My tantrika taught me to shave my armpits, legs and genitals. My body loves being shaved now. For me naturism means looking good and being healthy. Shaving increases erotic potential because hair insulates the nerve endings. Shaving allows for cleaner skin to skin contact.

Multi-Orgasmic White Tantra 

sexology wheelSexology teaches transmutation of sexual energy. The purpose of this article is to illustrate that sexology can be used to create productivity. Instead of engaging in sexual release you can create a sexology article. Instead of engaging in orgasm you can write a book about making money as a web page designer. The key to the Internet is to blog early and blog often. Blog about transforming orgasmic release with white tantra.

My sexologist taught me that I am pansexual. By giving me permission to be who ever I want sexually my sexology mentor gave me permission to progress and an accelerated rate of sexual development. By allowing me to grow my sexologist allowed me to transcend and transmute my libido into creating this blog.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.