ADVENTURES IN CONSCIOUSNESS: The Sensual Spiritual Experiencer

Sexual Consciousness of the Spiritual Experiencer


Sexual consciousness seeks to expand because pure consciousness is continually expanding with the big bang of the birth of the universe. Sexual consciousness is universal consciousness localized as the primal creative human endeavor. Train your sexual consciousness just as you have been training your emotional energy. Sexual energy can be transmuted into spiritual communion with your lover and your tribe. 


sexual consciousness methodOne definition of tantra is “esoteric” and so our colloquial use of the word tantra sometimes has a sexual focus. There is tantra that involves visually idealizing he feminine form as Goddess and there are Western sexual gay and straight tantra practices.

Your tribe and your world become your lover when you forego full sexual release and practice white tantra. White tantra is the enjoyment the primal life force energy without the draining “little death” of male orgasm. The best sex all happens in your brain and so sexual consciousness is a first step towards attaining formless consciousness. When the tantric yogi can attain sexual union in his consciousness he is on his way to more powerful forms of energy transmutation leading to pure consciousness. By becoming more sexualy literate you become a valuable resource to your community by mentoring adolescents and young adults experimenting with sexuality.

You may have intentionally altered your sexual consciousness with a form of meditative mind called sexual fantasy. Sampling sexual fantasies is sampling consciousness. Fantasy or visualization is a fundamental element of tantra and all of spiritual practice. The devoted spiritual experiencer uses visualization, emotion and other intuitive applications of God consciousness.

Sexual Consciousness is Liberation from Sex 


sexual consciousness puppettWhen you consciously follow the path of desire to its end you will arrive at a state of desirelessness because you have attained the object of your desire. One more conquest of the same desire, one more perfect physical communion is not going to take you any further along the path because you have already attained all of that.

When the student has burned off all of his sexual karma then he is ready to begin the real work of spiritual transformation. No Christ Buddha’s have domestic partners or lovers. The sexual consciousness of the yogi is advanced enough that his soul is liberated from emotional and physical encumbrances of the body mind.


Please do not repress your physical sexuality by wearing an image that is a size too small for your uniquely big gay sexual consciousness. Wearing a sexual straight jacket is like wearing shoes that are too small. Your feet will not be able to properly grow and your will have deformed feet as an adult. If you wear a personality that constricts your sexual persona then you will be sexual deformed as an adult. Burn through your physical karma so you can surrender to your chosen sexual consciousness of desirelessness.