Exploiting Economic Distress

Any person under the age of 18 years who is emotionally or physically forced into a situation of sexual exploitation where their freedom is taken away is a victim of human trafficking. Pedophile trafficking specifically targets the trafficked child as an object of criminal sexual exploitation. The intention of the trafficking enterprise is to profit from the sexual exploitation of children. Controlling techniques used by complex pedophile networks may involve a combination of fraud, emotional coercion and physical force. Traffickers posing as baseball coaches wholesaling baseball uniforms such as John Heriot use financial incentives and support to the parents of the child sex trafficking victim.


Sexual Exploitation Disguised as Legitimate Sex Industry Work

There have been cases where young men trafficked for sexual exploitation may have knowingly agreed to work in the sex industry and believed that they would have decent working conditions and be paid a decent wage. What they did not realize is that the traffickers would take most or all of their earned income.  Gay traffickers especially, keep their sex slaves in bondage and subject them to humiliation and degradation. Some may also have believed that they were employed as an assistant or a caretaker, only to be deceived into becoming professional escorts by their employers.

This happened to me in Philadelphia.  Mr. Charles Kenyon, Jr. promised me a job as a personal assistant when what he really wanted was a professional male escort. I had health problems due to the deplorable working conditions that persist to this day. Human trafficking does not require the crossing of an international border. Sexual exploitation related trafficking does not even require the transportation of an escort or sexual slave across a border.

Trafficking victims are also found in sweatshops, domestic services, food service, agricultural labor, prostitution and sex entertainment.  Sexual exploitation may also be found anywhere in the U.S. by young boys doing almost anything profitable to their exploiters. Any sexual exploitation involving a minor child is considered severe human trafficking under the law. Federal human trafficking laws encourage the investigation, deterrence, education and free flow of information on the public issue of registered child sex traffickers and any danger they may pose to children.