SEXUAL SOBRIETY: Practicing Kundalini Yoga and Root Chakra Meditation

Meditating my root chakra into balanced integration with body energy and masculine consciousness is my kundalini practice for applying the primal life force into still, calm, sexual sobriety. Chakra meditation and sexual sobriety are the pinnacles of spiritual practice.

I have been meditating for forty years and I only began chakra meditation two years ago. My sexolgist Dr. McDuff introduced me to chakra meditation and white tantra yoga when learning transmutation of sexual energy into spiritual energy.

The root or muladhara chakra is an energy center that draws in the energy of the universe and converts it to sexual energy. By meditating this energy up and out of my sexual region I transmute this gross lower energy into higher energy.  The chakras are energy centers that control the ingress and egress of the life force in my body. The important thing is to visualize my energy transforming into pure consciousness and not sexual release.


Visualize Sexual Sobriety

Visualize sexual sobriety with the same intensity that you visualize sexual desire. Kundalini yogis teach the importance of adding emotional intelligence to meditation for passion and energy. Using emotional energy for kundalini yoga practice and chakra meditation is a sensual spiritual experience. While practicing asanas and kriyas I silently chant and meditate while breathing only one audible breath for each movement. Real yoga involves special ujjayi pranayama breathing techniques that take the yogi to samadhi. Samadhi is to experience everything as consciousness. If Joel S. Goldsmith was here he would be practicing kundalini yoga and chakra meditation. Goldsmith is a yogi who didn’t do yoga asanas. Joel didn’t down dog but I think he would. 

Sexual Sobriety Teachers

Ten years ago I met this really aggressive professional sex worker in AA named Aspirin. She only had a few months of sobriety but she stalked me to the twenty-six acre estate in Agoura called Villa Esperanza, where I was the caretaker. We met at the Wednesday Night “Daily Reprieve” Primetime AA meeting at the Spirit of Studio 12 in North Hollywood. I also regularly attended the now defunct “Life Preserver” meeting, where I received the gift of sobriety after decades of failure. Aspirin thought I was rich, heterosexual, and living in Malibu. All three were wrong.

I was a recovering bisexual alcoholic trom Tujunga with one year of sobriety living rent free by doing the gardening on a vacant retreat property in Agoura Hills. It looked like Malibu so I lied and told everyone I was living in Malibu. I had just gotten out of a sixty day inpatient program at the Malibu dual diagnosis alcohol and mental illness treatment center called Milestones Ranch Malibu that owned the Agoura property. The Malibu rehab was using Villa Esperanza as an unlicensed treatment facility. The neighbors at Alice Coltrane and Sai Baba’s ashram next door called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. and made everyone leave except for me.

After burning-out working as an insurance defense paralegal I thrived on living alone in the blissful solitude of Triunfo Canyon for two years with Dharma, my black German shepherd. I worked part-time as the breakfast chef for the rehab and wedding reception assistant for the Ranch’s main hospitality business. I remained celibate for two years and loved it. My life was Primetime AA meetings, AA literature and book study meetings, meditation, reading the Bible & quantum physics, working out at the gym and doing lame floor exercise gym yoga that I eventually elevated to kundalini yoga, and I relied heavily on masturbation. Total perfection. 

At that time there used to be a spectacular Harry Tiebout AA meeting at Malibu United Methodist Church on Heathercliff Road on Friday nights. Aspirin showed up one night and so I invited her back to Villa Esperanza, on her drive back to the valley. Aspirin had such an engaging and forceful personality that I had no choice but to simply tell her the whole truth about myself. Aspirin had six months less sobriety time than I did but she appointed herself my Primetime AA sponsor. She had tons of Bob Anderson cassette tapes, K.C. Pierson CD’s, and other beautiful recovery materials and resources. Aspirin was fervent for recovery and she swept me up with her momentum.

Having worked as a prostitute enabled Aspirin to clinically discuss sexual sobriety in a way few women can. Because we were both fairly sexually sophisticated we we able to discuss sexual sobriety as part of our purely platonic, intensely spiritual, AA meeting-based friendship. Once at an AA meeting the drummer for the Eagles of Death Metal said that Aspirin and I acted like an old married couple arguing together. That was when K.C. Pierson was the rock star of Primetime AA. Primetime AA was our total lives for all of 2004 and 2005.

In 2006 when I had over two years of solid emotional recovery I stopped going to three AA meetings per week. Now I have twelve years and I only go to AA sporadically, mainly because I am currently living in Palm Springs and not metropolitan Los Angeles. One of the reasons I am writing these posts on AA is because I don’t go to meetings in the desert and so I need a place to express my emotional sexual sobriety and share the miracle of recovery.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.