Sexual Transmutation of Energy

Keep your enemies close by studying what they do with their sexual energy. People can be controlled by their sexual desire. Learn how to insert yourself into their fantasy. Most people do not harness the therapeutic power of the orgasm to open themselves up.

Opening is Spirituality sexual transmutation

Currently I am opening up my sexual power by opening up and fanning my toes. By spreading my toes wider and wider I am spreading my mind. When I work hard at opening up my left pinkie toe I can literally feel the left side of my brain working harder. Is it really that portion of my brain I am feeling or do I just imagine it? It doesn’t matter. My toes and my awareness are opening up and getting bigger. The spaces in between my toes is getting bigger. 

Awareness of your sexual power is the first step towards becoming a mystic with the power to move heaven and earth. Spiritual power requires sexual transmutation of energy.

sexual transmutation of burka

Sexual Transmutation of the Burka

The burka fascinates me as a tool of androgyny. What is underneath the burka. If I become a Sufi can I wear a burka? Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam. I want to be a Sufi in a Burka. My next tantric orgasm ritual will include mystical communion in a burka.

Sexual Transmutation of Fantasy

Lately making love to myself has taken me to places no other lover can touch. I am reaping the rewards of having a tight, skinny, hard body at age fifty-nine. I have increased the size of my cock by breathing. My orgasms are three times longer and more intense than when I was nineteen years old. Taking care of myself and being a lifelong spiritual practitioner have paid off,. I have been meditating and practicing yoga for forty years!

sexual transmutation

Are you searching for God by having sexual relationships instead of spiritual relationships? I used to do that. I used to search for God in the arms of another person. I used to search for God in the bottom of a bottle. I used to search for God in gay bathhouses but that always ends up empty. I found God in my own body of Christ.

Sexual Transmutation of External Body

There is no other. When I feel your body I am feeling my body. My body feels good. Johnny Quinlan once gazed down at me and sighed: “Even your underarms are sexy.” My ass feels good in my hands. My life feels good in my hands on this Sunday in the Body of Christ.