Sexuality Powers Everything 

Do you only use your sexuality for genital sex? Have you ever made love to an idea or fucked the whole world in a loving embrace? Sexuality can produce a mind-expanding orgasm or the Sistine Chapel. 

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Sexuality is the life force behind everything in the universe. Often homosexuality is an even higher level of energy than heterosexuality. When gay men are free to engage in whatever unrestrained sexual activity they desire you end up with the proverbial gay bathhouse. What an incredible power house of human energy the homosexual bathhouse is. I only wish that there could be straight bathhouses where beautiful straight women were readily available for great recreational sex with clean spiritual men. Temple prostitutes. 

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Transmutation of Sexuality Powers This Blog

This entire blog exists as an auxiliary outlet for my sexuality. I am in a monogamous relationship with an 60 year old woman in the little village of Palm Springs. This incredible woman is transforming me. She made me shave my gray beard and hair and I thank her for it. My lover gave me a wig and it transformed my life. I look at myself in the mirror and I am transformed by sexuality and narcissism. Healthy narcissism. I have so much sexual energy it is easy to transmute that sexual energy into this writing. I am not writing about sex I am experiencing sex with these words. 

Norman Mailer once said that you can leave your best writing in the bed. I am making this blog my bed and making love to you with these words. I am sending these words out into the blogosphere so that you can find them and make love back to them. I am giving you the gift of my fifty years of spiritual sexuality. 

The first step to enlightened sexuality is monogamy. Only committed, long-term, loving relationships can heal us of our parental karma. As modern men we are often broken. Only love can heal this. Cruising around the bathhouses and bookstores only relieves the pain for a little while. Living with my man brings me peace and serenity and the ability to transmute my sexual energy into this blog. I am practicing the transmutation of sexual energy into the spiritual energy to reach you with this message. 

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