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BIRTHING | How to Dominate the Internet by Creating New Images

An effective SEO tactic is to birth brand new images from YouTube videos by grabbing still frames.  While you are watching a powerful video on your computer simply press the Control and Print Screen buttons at the same time.  Then go to a Paint program and paste your new image in by pressing Control + V.  Voila!  You are birthing images!  You are on your way to optimizing your blog with unique images that were first created by you. 

The more people who copy your sexy Sikh style images the better because  the search bot will always know that you were the first. You were the first to create that sexy image and you will be rewarded.  You will be rewarded by having your blog move to the top of page one of the search engine organic page rankings.  This is called search engine optimization by birthing sexy Sikh style images of scam artist Guru Singh. 

guru gullibility

Sexy Sikh Style | Birth of an Image

How do you create a website that consistently ranks at the top of page one in organic searches?  By birthing sexy new images for robots to fall in love with and cooking-up delicious new content for them to eat.  You need fashion and you want yoga, so suck-up Sikh religion as a snazzy substitute.  You need it all right here right now in a one-second stop. 

russell brand kundalini yoga

Being at the top end of the tipping point means you don’t waste time on out-of-date duds.  The lifestyle decisions you make are not critical, they are life-or-death.  What is the answer to all of your problems? You need the Sexy Sikh Style that you can buy today at the Yoga West Teachers Training Open House.  Your brand new lifestyle awaits you in the fresh morning light of the dawn of creation. 

russell brand sexy sikh style

Image Birthing Buzz Thrill

Everybody knows that sex is a finite resource to be exploited by those rare, chosen individuals who know exactly how to exploit this cosmic power.  Sex is the source of all life.  All humans come from woman and the woman who controls basic digital communication skills controls the universe.  Right?

sexy sikhism style

Why Do Beautiful Women Control Sexual Images?

Because beautiful women understand the power of birthing those images.  The image of a sexy woman is one of the most powerful sources of energy you can easily control.  What is the secret?  The secret is to create new images that only exist on your website.  One way to sexually stimulate a robot is by creating a brand new image by creating a video still.  When you create your own images robots think you are unique.  Robots love unique websites with new and refreshing words & images that make them think . . .

sexy sikh devotee dya kaur


melrose bookstore religion

When you google “melrose bookstore religion” this website gets condensed as the Google Knowledge Box!  I feel very honored by the challenge I have been presented by Guru Singh.