Shakti Pad

The third and most crucial stage of Kundalini wisdom is Shakti Pad, the path of surrender and the most creative and dangerous transformation of the practitioner.  This is where I decide that I am a human being connected to infinite supply.  Do I need a $3,850 KYTT Certificate?  Maybe I will just blog about what Yoga West LA is really like. 

shakti pad

My Goal is to BE HERE

Focusing my motivation on my goal to “be here, now,” I must act in patterns that come from the future. Everything I do is from the future. Shakti Pad empowers me to look at my whole situation, at the whole panorama of facts. In this perilous and existential moment I must burn away my spiritual ego and my bogus new self-created “Kundalini Yoga Master” persona.

Cosmic energy flow

Enlightnment Crib at 12714 Sea Spray Place, Playa Vista, CA 900944:

Kundalini Yoga is just another twentieth century religion. I am a human being and my source is infinite. Clear and immaculate. Be your own Guru Om. Sit outside in the October heat wave perfection.

It’s all happening right here right now. RIght here right now, there is no other place I would rather be.

Masters Degree

It makes better sense for me to obtain a masters degree in instructional media. I will ask the Kundalini’s for my money back. My lifetime Freemason dues are more important than learning chanting and more noise making.  I want to receive  more than I want to sing and Bhangra dance.

little girl shakti pad
Sahej Pad: The Stage of the Expert

Forgeting himself completely, the expert is not threatened by gain or loss.  That Expert plays the game powerfully and skillfully, always focused on the goal. The feelings of fear and defensiveness or absent. This gives the expert in vantage of openness to all emotions and sensations. Expert is there more for the gold and the task that for himself.

Sat Pad: The Stage of the Master

And last stage of wisdom is that of the master. It is rare and is not attained by everyone. In spiritual discipline this is the stage of truth or reality.


The concern of the master is the actual reality of the task in the situation. There is no distortion by the ego needs of the student. There is no separation between the master and the action of the tasks. The master driver merges with the car the road and the journey. That awareness is not split, but focused everywhere at once. The master Yogi merges with the real self and finds it immanent and present in every part of the journey of life the master businessman merges into the unique nature of the specific business and finds the universal principles of organization and prosperity in every part of that business. The position of the master is and embodied, fully present position whose focus is on the impact in context of the steel task or game. 

shakti pad vibration

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.