Psychedelic Shaman

Is Your Plastic Shaman Giving You All There Is to Spirituality?

paul shrek mc duff md

My gay Catholic sexologist Dr. Paul “Shrek” McDuff has been paying a straight shaman named Michael Filipowich to be his spiritual guide for the last ten years or so. The next time I see don Miguel Filipowich I need to ask him if he is a straight Catholic. Filipowich is an Ayahuasca shaman in the Flor da Mae Divina Church.¬†Filipowich has the Hollywood good looks that homosexual men pay big money to be around. I guess I’m just jealous, McDuff used to pay me for love and ritual, I feel like Filipowich is my career competition.¬†

McDuff tells his constant tale of Filipowich refusing to take of his clothes at a CMEN naturist male erotic intimacy retreat in Malibu. James Dean would have taken off his clothes. Maybe Filipowich couldn’t take his clothes off because he is a Canadian actor. McDuff also had a symbolic love child in a Core Energetics program with the Canadian actor David Sutcliffe.

Having a shaman is like having an actor who refuses to do nude scenes. What kind of an actor refuses to do nude scenes? We live in a world where teenage girls run around naked. It seems to me that an actor who refuses to do nude scenes would be the type of person who doesn’t go all the way in life. Would you want a shaman or spiritual teacher who refuses to go all the way?

michael filipowich shaman

Hollywood Actor as Plastic Shaman

A plastic shaman is a caucasian person dispensing folk medicine and ritual. There are lots of plastic shaman on the Internet who will take you on a psychedelic spiritual adventure. McDuff and Filipowich met in a Radical Aliveness Core Energetics workshop run by Ann Bradney in Santa Monica. There are lots of healing modalities you can pay for.

shaman don miguel filipowich

Get the Real Thing

Michael Filipowich will only let McDuff touch him on the thighs when McDuff really wants to cup his balls. McDuff’s big thing is cupping another man’s balls and his guru won’t let him see or touch the gurus genitalia. Is your shaman giving you the real thing? Ann Bradney teaches women to say no to sex. Do you want to say yes or no to life?

michael filipowich

Spirituality Has Evolved From Shamanism

Watching Dr. McDuff the gynecologist practice folk medicine was a real eye opener for me. The man is a physician and a gay Catholic. The Catholic Church is now opening up its arms to homosexual Catholics like Dr. McDuff. Maybe there will be one less paying client for the plastic shaman. Do you want God or do you want a substitute?

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.