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Perceived social status

Which is the better indicator of social status, an expensive watch or an educated mind?

What delivers more real benefit to society, a man’s ostentatious display of material possessions such as jewelry that can be purchased in a heartbeat online or his refined and educated mind that took decades of hard work to develop at schools and reading books? Unfortunately in our culture, people usually consider your car or your jewelry as the superficial indicator of one’s social status. Being a lifelong learner is not a valued personal trait in a Kardashian based culture. As James Lincoln Warren has so accurately pointed out in his recent series of pretentious Facebook posts about his time pieces, some people may consider a man’s watch as an indicator of his social status. So why doesn’t Mr. Warren wear a Rolex?

Isn’t this the reason why low-life organized crime figures such as John Gotti, aka The Dapper Don, wear expensive suits and jewelry?

If a man is driving a stolen Lamborghini, is he to be considered of high social status?

Some people may measure your worth by the automobile you are driving, even though you could be leveraged to the hilt and driving a motor vehicle you do not hold the title to or may be fraudulently in possession of. Anybody can drive a stolen sports car and teen aged girls will be impressed. Personally, I always considered an educated mind to be of supreme benefit to the structure of our society. My problem with my own social status as perceived by Mr. Warren and others has been my lack of awareness in presenting my level of education to the world at large. Thanks to Mr. Warren, I vow to cease my informal demeanor and adopt a manner of speaking and acting that reflects my hard won social mobility.

My long journey of social mobility

Although my family of origin was fairly well educated, we didn’t always come off that way to society. We were down home and unpretentious. My grandparents and parents were not from the big city and therefore my speech often reflected regional dialects that are not considered to be representative of high social status. Often times when I was being warm and friendly my speech patterns came off as intentionally folksy because I did not want to appear pretentious or conceited. My intent was to put my audience at ease and not appear to be phony or putting on airs. My dad used to accuse me of putting on airs and therefore when I spoke like southern beat writer William S. Burroughs, my Okie dad was more at ease with my language structure. I can see how Mr. Warren would probably feel differently. That is why I joined the Freemasons, I wanted to improve myself in Masonry and it worked.

Recently my friends have called me out on my fake midwestern regional dialect and I even wrote a blog about conforming to my parents level of verbal comfort and my more recent decision regarding transforming my speech patterns. I was born in Los Angeles but I feel like I am from New York, so perhaps I should start speaking in a more erudite manner. Now that the pandemic lockdown is ending in a few weeks I have made a commitment to conform my speech to my educational level and cultural sophistication. I want to be what people call a carefully spoken man who chooses his words wisely. Lately, in an effort to please Mr. Warren I have begun speaking with a London lilt similar to the fake British accents employed by a few of my brother Freemasons. I guess I would rather be considered a snob than a hick. The Freemasons are finally living up to their promise of taking a good man and making him better. Cheers!

Being culturally sophisticated is not something that you can simply purchase and wear like a watch

The purpose of thinking these thoughts and writing these words is to remind myself that we live in an extremely class conscious society. It becomes a social and indeed a moral imperative to have one’s use of language reflect the work he has endeavored into developing a refined and sophisticated mind. Personally, I think that having your own WordPress blog using Go Daddy high speed managed WordPress hosting reflects more social status than posting on Facebook. What do you think?