Sikh Anti-Islamic Hate Speech

Hate Speech

The Sikh’s are masters of public relations and religious warfare.  For example. Sikh’s intentionally mispronounce Sikh as “seek” instead of the correct “sick”.  Sikhs do this to make their name sound more appealing to Western ears.  This intentional mispronunciation could be a form of hate speech. 

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Is it also hate speech or racism for Sikhs to cast Islam in such a negative light?  The Sikhs are pushing it to the limit and casting these types of aspersions upon Islam warrant further legal research, investigation and discovery.  When Sikhs are the target of religious violence they are quick to jump up and cry foul.  In my personal experience the Sikhs are very confrontational and exclusionary in their behavior.  Some Sikhs seem very angry and full of hate speech.


How do Sikhs know that they are being mistaken for Muslim or Islamist terrorists?  Maybe it is not a case of mistaken identity.  Maybe it is not a case of mistaken head gear and some deranged individuals just don’t like people with weird hats.  We live in a dangerous world and it is sometimes unwise to call unnecessary attention to yourself. 

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Don’t Stick Your Head Out In Time of War

Maybe some bigoted individuals just don’t like unusual head gear.  If a girl wears a micro-mini skirt and bustier in a dark alley it is not her fault if she gets raped, but use some common sense.  If you intentionally call attention to yourself you may be vulnerable to some psychotic head-gear hater.  But don’t engage in hate speech by blaming it on Islam as a case of mistaken turbans.  Be careful what you wear on your head because someone will always complain.  

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Saturday Anti-Hate Speech Blog

It is Saturday afternoon and I am getting ready to make some buffalo chili.  After that I will finish this blog on the Sikh religion.  Adarsh Kaur Khalsa of Yoga West really opened up a can of worms when she began casting aspersions upon me and trying to make me believe that there is some reason that I should not be allowed to take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 at Yoga West.  On a fundamental level it is just bad business acumen.  Adarsh and Dya should have just let me stay in the training because my sixty year-old body would have been taxed to the limit.  Guru Singh should have just let me do fucking yoga instead of writing this blog exposing the hate and hypocrisy of his little Sikh religion.  To be continued after making buffalo chili with pineapple salsa for lunch . . . 

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