KILL YOUR NEIGHBOR | Sikh Temple Brawling | Part Three

Sikh Death Cult Politics

There is a downside to being too open minded and tolerant of other people’s religions. What if you get bitten by those that you bestow religious freedom upon?  What if the Sikh temple brawling violence becomes an epidemic? The Sikh death cult is an extremely negative influence upon peaceful society. All my life I have been open and tolerant to other peoples cults and religions. My personal religious beliefs are centered in Christ Consciousness and meditation. When I was in college I used to self-identify as a Buddhist. I am a pacifist and the Sikh death cult has me on the run.

What Does Not Kill Me, Makes My Typing Fingers Stronger

Five years ago at the Equinox Gym on Rosecrans Blvd. in El Segundo, after decades of studio yoga practice, I began my yoga studio practice of kundalini yoga with Sara Pettit and Aimee Donahoe. One month ago I ended my yoga studio practice of kundalini yoga with Sikh Death Cult Guru Singh at Yoga West. I may never pay to practice yoga at another brick and mortar yoga studio again. I don’t even practice yoga on my current unlimited membership at the Bay Club because I am beyond all of that now. Other yogis should be learning from me. You were lucky to have me in your yoga class. Guru Singh didn’t want me in his bullshit yoga class. Good. Now I have something to write about.


I Still Practice Yoga, You Just Can’t See Me

In October 2017 I enrolled in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level One and bought a unlimited monthly membership at Yoga West on Robertson Blvd in LA.  The very first night of teacher training I was emotionally attacked and mauled by the Kaur Sisters, Adarsh and Dya.  The Kaur sisters kicked me out of KYTT and so I took three to four yoga classes per week for five months at Yoga West. Then the Kaur sisters kicked me out of Yoga West classes too!  Now I practice yoga in the steam room at the Bay Club in El Segundo. Other guys freak out on my deep deep breathing and exhaling in the steam room. They should be learning from me!