Why Do Sikh’s Need Weapons?

Sikh Discrimination Against Unarmed Citizens

Why are only Sikh’s allowed to carry knives into banks? Isn’t that Sikh discrimination against non-Sikhs? It is legal to treat kirpan carrying Sikh’s as a separate, special class of persons? In this country it is not legal to give Sikhs special treatment that others are denied. The Sikh leaders will say that the violence in Indiana only involves a few people but that is not true. Sikh prejudice and violence also exists in Los Angeles at Yoga West on Robertson Boulevard.


GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — Leaders of a central Indiana Sikh temple say a violent brawl that broke out Sunday afternoon and left at least eight people injured. About 50 people can be seen kicking, shoving and punching each other in clips of surveillance video obtained exclusively by 24-Hour News 8. The footage shows one man grabbing what appears to be a water-filled vase and smashing it over another man’s head.

Greenwood police and officers from seven assisting agencies responded to the temple on South Graham Road to find a crowd of more than a hundred but were unable to determine in their initial investigation exactly how many people were involved in the fight or whether weapons had been used.

An ongoing power struggle within temple leadership led to the brawl, according to Rahul Arora. “[The aggressors] didn’t want to come here and pray,” he said. “They didn’t want to come here and do any volunteer service. They want to get this building under their names so they can collect money.” The group has caused conflict for months during Sunday religious services, Arora claimed.

Temple leaders have reported the individuals to local authorities, he told 24-Hour News 8, adding they most recently shared their concerns with officials mere hours before the fight on Sunday. “We need protection,” said Rupinder Singh, who has been attending services at Gurdwara for nearly a decade. “We need a little bit of safety because they are coming here every Sunday.”

At least two people injured in the fight sustained stab wounds from ceremonial daggers deep enough to cause bone cracks, according to a temple leader who shared photos of the alleged injuries with 24-Hour News 8; he said at least one man remained hospitalized Tuesday with a cracked shoulder.

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Radicalization Against Sikh Discrimination

My personal struggle against the discrimination of Adarsh Kaur Khalsa, Sat Devbir and the armed Sikh religion have caused me to become a politically radicalized freedom fighter. One day in kundalini yoga class Guru Singh was pontificating about supporting minors boycotting classes in order to prevent schoolyard violence. It is much easier for Guru Singh to point his finger at the other guy than to look inside his own temple. The enemy is us. When Guru Singh preaches anti-patriarchal dogma, he tears a hole in the fabric of the universe. The sooner Guru Singh stops preaching hate at Yoga West, the better off the world will be.

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Disarm Yourself First

This is a call to the Sikh people to pay if forward and lay down your arms. Stop your discrimination of unarmed worshippers. You no longer need Guru Nanook of the North to protect you from the Wild Turks of the Ottoman Empire. You are safe in America with your turbans and long grey beards.